Continous Glucose Monitoring

At my last checkup my endocrinologist suggested I look into a DexCom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system. My BG readings sometimes make no sense. Two hours after a meal my BG will be in the 70s but fours after the meal my BG can jump to 126. Weird.

The CGM would allow him (the endo) to get a better understanding of my BG through an extended period but the device appears to be costly and medical insurance does not cover the cost.

I have read Amy’s ( Tenderich ) blog posting about her experience with the DexCom and I am wondering if this device is worth it.

I believe Bernard is on a DexCom too.


I"ve been using the Dexcom since late March. I’ve blogged extensively about it. I think it’s a good device, especially if you can get it for the $375 price (rather than $800).

Read my blog for the last 5 weeks or so and you’ll get a fairly clear picture.

I will check out your blog. Seems the only way to get this device is directly from DexCom.

worth every penny - i posted a comment today called Dex and my first 2 sensors (or something like that) -