Hi anyone out there use a continuous blood glucose monitor? I’m trying one out on the advice of my doc. We’ll see if I like it and if insurance will cover it. The one I’m wearing can’t be read without downloading it to doc’s computer. It will be interesting.

I just started the dexcom less than a month ago. It has been somewhat useful although I had technical problems the first week and it was really frustrating. I have heard its really good and I am hoping to get the most out of it. Dexcom and Animas are working together to make an integrative cgm/pump…hopefully it will be out next year.

i love the freestyle navigator although i know they aren’t available again yet. a couple of weeks ago they said they expect them to be back soon. having a bad time trying to get my insurance to cover the sensors but it’s soooooo worth it. my fingers love me and it’s caught so many lows and highs starting before they got bad. i tend to have sudden changes, like within 10 -15 minutes severe drops or spikes. without my CGM i’d miss most of them until it’s very late in the process, especially since i’m hypo unaware

I’ve been using a Dexcom 7+ for about 8 months and I love it - my A1c dropped by half a point after just 4 months. It can be annoying in the beginning as it alarms your highs and lows that you didn’t even know you were having, but with a lilltle persistance and some fine tuning of insulin rates and things, it will just sit silently by your side only alerting you when needed. I got it as a trial and just wasn’t willing to give it up so I wear it ful time now.

I love my Dexcom! I have used it for almost a year…its so helpful. I teach yoga and its so great to know when I am heading low…I almost like it more than my pump! It takes a month or two to really get used to it…after that you will not want to be without it. Happy Holidays

Thanks for the feedback. My blood sugar has been so great since I got my pump. I guess I have quite a few lows but I still notice them. This week for some reason my readings are all over the place and none of it seems to make sense. I'm wearing the CGM and am sending it back to the doc soon to analyze it. It's so great to hear your positive feedback about wearing one.

I was not looking forward to wearing yet another "thing", but after hearing from you I'm starting to think I'd get used to it.

I was diagnosed three years ago. I must say this week has been the hardest week to control highs and lows. I'll be 90, eat a small apple, bolus for it, and the next thing I know I'm 200. I've changed my site twice, and still nothing. I exercise a lot and that seems like the only thing that makes sense to do, but I'm getting a little exhausted. Have you ever had bad insulin? I'm going to try a new vial right now.

Thanks for letting me vent, I've never talked to other people with diabetes.