Continuous blood sugar monitors

my least faveorite thing about the pump is the sites. i find thm painful and uncomfortable. i hate the insertion process and i feel like when i am wearing mine i am constantly aware of the site and almost have different posture to protect the site.
thats the only reason why i havent used a CGM, i just can’t imagine having more than one site…
is it worth it?

I hate putting them in, but it is worth it. I’ve been on it since February and now I feel lost without it. I keep my CGMS site in my thigh and my pump site in my stomach.

I have been on the CGMS for about a month and half. It has given me tighter control without the lows. If the pump sites annoy you then the CGMS probably isn’t for you. I am used to mine and feel lost without it like Cara does. I do the opposite of Cara, sensors in stomach and infusion set in thighs.

its worth every pain, if there is, i used to be scared putting them on at first coz those inserter needles are way too big… but then ive given it a try, inserting it manually and it doesnt hurt. now im using the serter and its painless. i cant remember a day without usng my CGM, ive been on it since late April and im addicted, not to mention, literally hooked up…It really help me a lot, especially with my A!C, now im down at 6.2 from 7 something. I just ordered my third box of my sensors and i planned on using the CGM til minimed comes up with the new pump/CGM in one, i wish…lol…

as for sites. i usually use my thighs and back of my arms for my CGM and usually tummy for infusion sites, i have observed that the rate of absorption is way better in my stomach than anywhere else…

ive used minimeds one that where the canula goes straight down and i use a quick serter…

Hey Dave … I think everybody knew what Lyla meant. I find the need to correct her, IN CAPS, unnecessary. Relax and think twice.

Do any of you have United HealthCare insurance? I want to go on a CGM, but I’m not sure if my insurance will cover it.

Lyla for me it is. My CGM after the first 6 hours after insertion matches almost perfect my meter. That has helped me bring my sugars down in some places and find hidden lows in others. I am really thin so I had to get creative with the insertion angle. I don’t use the “recommended” angle but my readings from the sensor rock so I am good. My angle is only 30 degrees not so much pain now and much better readings. The only issue with it is it can pull out easier at that angle.

I don’t know what pump you have but if you have the Paradigm you might want to try Sure T. Or adjust angles in your insertions and see what works better. I can’t use alcohol I have to use IV prep otherwise my site gets really sore and painful. I can’t use polyskin I have to use IV3000 tape or the site gets painful. There may be a number of reasons your having issues.

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Kim are you working with Medtronic for the CGM?


I have had my CGM(Freestyle Navigator) since Oct. 3…started on Omnipod Pump Nov. 3…All I can say is the CGM has alerted me of 3 lows I did not feel coming! So look at this way…look was you are gaining my having CGM after all everything is life is a trade off. I hope this helps…

Cindy W.

I have insurance from united health care and they paid for my CGMS and sensor refills. Nothing but great things to say about them, of course it will depend on what plan you have but you should be in good shape.

I am addicted to CGM and I have a 5.5 A1c to show for it. It can be tricky and annoying sometimes but once you figure it out it isn’t so bad. In fact I get 15-25 days out of my sensors.

Lyla: I have used my Dexcom CGM every day since January 2006, and wouldn’t want to be without it. The insertion is no big thing. I cover the sensor/transmitter unit with a piece of 3M TransPore tape, and am never aware that I have it on me. (BTW my A1Cs have been below 5.5 ever since I started with the CGM.)

I have the Animas 1250 pump. Thanks for the information! This is very re-assuring. :slight_smile:

If your looking into the the Guardian from Medtronic and all the CGM manufactures might be the same but I can only speak for them. But if you are call them and ask them there successes with your insurance. Sometimes they can give you a good idea ahead of time if they have worked with them.
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David your my new hero for sensor life span :slight_smile:

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I havebeen on the MM CGMS for 1 year now I ware it 24/7 I drive a truck for a living and some time have hypo unawarness Love it am getting 12 to 18 days out of mine. Just noticed this was started back in Sept. Have you made a dission about the CGM?

The infusion site insertion process is pretty mild compared to the CGMS process. The needle is considerably longer and thicker. The insertion device looks like it could be used in some sadistic ritual…lol.
Despite this fact, I feel like the hassle is well worth it. The CGMS has done wonders to help me maintain that tighter level of control that I need. I had problems with hypoglycemic unawareness; so for me it’s a necessity.
I really just depends on your individual situation.
Personally I’d be lost without it. I’m glad I have it.
The CGMS is also a very helpful tool for getting your blood glucose / AIC under control. I think any insulin dependant diabetic can benefit from its use. You have to become even more dedicated to your diabetes management. You also have to be careful to calibrate at the appropriate times.


"The insertion device looks like it could be used in some sadistic ritual…lol"
you cracked me up Kevin that is so right :slight_smile:

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