Really rough time with pump and CGM this week

I had to remove my Infusion site 2 days ago due to site infection and then the same day I changed my sensor and it bruised and bleed like junk I am not talking the blood just under the insertion site but no when I removed the needle I was bleeding through that hole the needle was removed from and this has never ever happened to me. I am on antibiotics for the infection and the sensor site I had to remove and change after the bleeding stopped and as a result my tummy looks like a battle field! uggh with the infection my sugars are a little higher then I am comfortable with 160’s but I can’t help it. I always use the anaceptic wipes and iv prep so how I got the infection I have no clue!! here is a pic of my pudgy tummy don’t laugh with the battle wounds of the diabetes monster

YIKES!!! Brings back nightmares about my experience with Minimed CGMS! Then, I switched to the Dexcom 7+ CGM.

The happy thing about the Dexcom CGM is that once I remove the sensor after the 14+ day run (usually 3 weeks on one sensor), I can’t even tell where I inserted it because there are absolutely no marks or scars left! It’s beautiful, I tell you, just wonderfully awesome to be on the Dexcom 7+ CGM. You should try it if it’s available in your area.

It is avail and while I get accurate readings it is stuff like this that makes me want to switch I mean I love the all in one system but that sucker hurt this time! and I am thinking of switching to dexcom but two problems this sensor is new got it in nov so not sure if insurance will cover another and two I take tylenol alot it is in my migrane med and I was told the dex does not work well with tylenol. the freestyle seems like it is always on back order so I am at a fork in the road

Agreed …not pretty , poor you …Lets get this fixed before this summer bikini times roll around :slight_smile:
I am a bit confused , so please explain .Questions regarding the bruise close to the sensor …is this where you had the infusion set ?? If yes …the instructions state : " Caution : never insert the sensor within 2 inches from the pump infusion site " Another NOTE on same page : Clean site with alcohol, making sure site is dry before inserting the sensor . Do NOT use skin -preparation solutions prior to insertion . however , I.V. Prep may be used after insertion and before applying a sterile dressing
If there is blood during removal of sensor needle , press a tissue on top and hold for several minutes .And maybe you did all these things ??
PS I have had bruises , when using needles , prior to pumping .

The bruise is from the sensor insertion I always put the sensor on the other side of the belly so I don’t have issues of closeness or I put one on the flank and one on the tummy. as for the infection I always wash the area then use the alcohol wipes this was just a fluke I am hoping. I had to really hold pressure on the sensor site but it was like a blood bath so I removed it and started over. I have been pumping for yrs and we all know issues come up and this was just one of them never had two prob. all at once with both sensor and infusion set.

I would recommend switching. I have switched recently from the MM to Animas and Dexcom. Later this year Animas will have the integration with the Dexcom. Right now, I’m happily carrying two systems until this happens. Once the integration is final, they will offer you an upgrade. I was advised it was for a nominal fee.

I want to swith but my CGM warranty is not up till april and I wonder if even then if insurance will let me swith to the dexcom but I wonder about it as I take meds with tylenol and I was told it masses with dex readings. as for my pump I changed infusion sets too the Mio which seemed to not have issues with infection. and the warranty for it is not up till 2013. but when it comes time to switch I am so going with the ping as it has smaller increments for boluses and basals unless I upgrade my 722 mini med to the new revel for then smaller doses as well but I would have to fork out 400 dollars for it.

No good idea, but OUCHY!

Med gets beaten up and brused by an infusion set and sensor… Both wanted in connection of physical abuse to their user…


Have your doctor check your staph levels near your sites. Some people carry staph bacteria routinely on their bodies. The Walsh and Roberts pumping insulin book indicated that over 20% of people cary staph on their body at all times and another 25% carry it intermittently and that people with diabetes are more likely to be a carriers. Those who carry staph have a higher rish for infection at infusion sites.

Your left side, the swelling where a set used to be… looks like my sons body typically looks after a site is removed and that redness and swelling is indicative of staph bacteria or an adhesive allergy (he does have an adhesive sensitivity). Consequently his sites almost never last three days. I am very sorry to see such terrible bruising with your CGM. Do you do anything special i.e. ice cube on the site or something before inserting the sensor? I don’t know if a numbing cream like Emla would or would not help in this situation as you seem to have suffered alot or surface trauma.

Maybe ask at your pharmacist and at the same time have them check your medications to see if tylenol or anything else that you might be taking is thinning your blood and making you prone to bruising. Those look nasty.

If your doctor finds that you are a staph carrier, he/she can prescribe an antibiotic cream or cleanser. Other tips are to look, but don’t breath near your site change/reservoir change supplies. Appparently for those of us that do carry a staph bacteria, many germs reside in the nose and breath, so extra care needs to be taken with site changes to avoid infections. At least rule out whether or not you are a staph carrier. For all you know, one of the many patients that you have come in contact with, may have easily transferred a staph infection over to you.

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Reading the other peoples posts… have you thought of trying a more aggressive site prep routine… perhaps using something like Hibiclens/Hibistat (CHG) or Providone Iodine prep. instead of just alcohol preps before you use a barrier product? It might help if your prone to infections, and as someone suggested you could get checked to see if your a MRSA carrier, then you could use something like Bactoban or such on the sites before, and to help them heal after you remove the set/sensor…

Lucky for me my doc did test for staph and it came back neg. it seems that it is cellitus and he recommended we switch infusion sets. I have had no problems with the new ones the Mio so I am sticking with that. the CGM i do use Emla cream as I so have to be numb for that lol but this bruise seemed to be caused from hitting a vein I didn’t really pay attention to the veins before. I did try the inserter for the first time with this one and they may have been the cause as well since before I was doing manual insertions. my sites last about 2 days and sometimes three. As for my patients only god knows what half of them have and since it is not like hep c or TB there is no law we need to be informed.

That is funny LoL

I prep like no ones bis. I can’t use the Iodine as I have an allergy to it but I do use alcohol wipe and site prep so it seems to just have been a fluke but I did change infusion sets to the MIO and have not had a problem with it. I did get tested for staph since I am around sick people all day it was neg so we think it was cellulitis but after 10 days of antibiotics it is all cleared up.

With my experience with MM CGM I found that I could not use my stomach without having the sensor move in and out of the sensor hole. I found that when I strted using my arm the site were clean, lasted longer, did not get irritated and were more accurate.

Hope that helps.


I’m confused. She is having trouble with sensor sites. Why rant about the MM system? The experience you had was yours and not worth the bashing everyone who is using the MM system.

Please stop bashing the MM system. For some of us this is getting really irritating and not helpful…particularly if the MM is the only choice we may have and have to make the most of it.

I appreciate the reply. Just looked up cellulitis and it also seems to occur with intravenous catheter insertion more in people who are exposed to certain bacterias and then need antiobiotics to clear, so good thing the doc checked for staph.

The web address also indicated “normal skin flora” as being a cause. So I guess some people are just more sensitive than others, with you fitting into a simarly group with my son. Tell me about the Mio? If I can find some alternatives that rid David of skin irritations and let him get a full three days out of a site, it is certainly worth looking into. Does Mio work with MM pumps to your knowledge?

I hope that the sensor area is looking better and feeling better.