Contour next meter's test strips

does anyone know if medicare covers the contour test strips? im waiting for a prescription to go to my drug store but wants to know if its covered so i can determine if i want to stay with my current meter or definitely use the meter that comes with the medtronic 630G pump…thanks

My wife gets contour next thru medicare - part b if you are on a pump - they cover insulin under part b if you fill out the right paperwork



The form must be correct as to procedure codes - they will not tell you any errors - they will just deny the claim


we get them under Part B. they are free.

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i am also on Meicare and thought that they only covered One Touch products; but, i dont like them (find them inaccurate, etc) and buy the Contour Next strips on Amazon OOP. i get 600 strips for apprx $125. i had not been on the dexcom and do about 20+ finger sticks a day. ( i am a swimmer and need to keep my BGs in target range as much as humanly possible; no bad hypos or highs)

it would be great if i had Medicare cover the Contour Strips, b/c i believe that they’re a great product and truly rely upon them.

what paperwork should i let my endo know about so that he can provide Medicare with so i can start getting the Contour strips??? please help!!!

greatly appreciated, Daisy Mae.

Medicare also covers the Abbott labs libre - but you could wait for eversense approval

Medicare form -

Contour strips and tubing and insulin - all pump supplies

CCS Medical for tubing and cylinders if edwards does not have

Call Edwards Health and ask about how to get Libre - 888-344-3434

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i tried the Libre, but it is not waterproof. i am a swimmer, so i am using the dexcom. i just started it this past friday. so far so good. (despite my years of terrible troubles with it, its been calling my name to give it another shot)

We do nothing special to get contour next strips from Medicare. Just an Rx.

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thx for the info. i will call my Endo on Monday morning! :sunny:

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thank you @Tony24 and @Dave44…its going to be an interesting switch from my onetouch to this one. i had such a hard time getting my onetouch covered and that is the most popular test strips. and will tell my dr to make sure its the right form as well

You don’t need that form if you are getting one touch thru medicare now

just get a script for contour next is all you need from the doctor

the form is for insulin and tubing and such

ah…i have the insulin and the pump stuff covered…i need to get a new script for the medtronic pump ill be set up on at the end of the month as animas went out of business. so i just worried about that

Good, then NO NEED for the form - just the script for the bayer contour - fooling with stuff you do not have to with medicare sometimes opens that can of worms

my wife switched from the one touch to the bayer -

i like my onetouch meter…its the one that i used with the ping lol…i like that i was able to label it before breakfast or lunch or dinner or night and do the same after breakfast, lunch or dinner, etc. the meter that comes with the medtronic 630G only does before meal or after meal, etc. so who knows what will happen lol

I think you will like the medtronic meter - it’s pretty nice really

its a new change for me…been using onetouch meters since 2006 when i was diagnosed…switching pumps is new as well

@Daisy_Mae - Not sure why you think that. The Libre is waterproof to a limited depth (more than sufficient for swimming).

i swim 2 hours a day 5 days a week. the Libre i tried came right off in the pool. i called the company, and they told me that the Libre is NOT waterproof, but water resistant, and is not covered for swimming, only a quick shower. i spoke to others as well who told me the exact same thing.