FreeStyle Libre/Medicare paying for BG test strips

Hi all! Just received my Freestyle Libre today (USA resident). I found out that Medicare doesn’t cover the Libre Precision Neo test strips but wondered if that is because they are not approved or if a person is using the Freestyle Libre sensors they won’t cover both? I now use a Bayer Contour Next USB meter (that I love) and would like to just continue using that if Medicare will cover the test strips. They have in the past. Does anyone on Medicare use the Freestyle Libre and then get different meter test strips? Thanks for any input on this.

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This is exactly what I am going to do if I like the Contour and the strips that you can get through Amazon. I am not on Medicare but, my CDE and her Mom use the Libre and they buy the neo strips from Amazon for the reader/meter. Those are about $20 for 50 the Contour strips are 100 for not much more $$. I found two brand new Contour metersin my stash…:slight_smile:

When you say “don’t cover”, do you mean your current supplier doesn’t sell or you can’t get them through Mwdicare via your local pharmacy? I have to have Freestyle strips only for my Omnipod PDM. I could not find these via an approved Medicare diabetic supplies vendor but can get them via Medicare from my local CVS. Endo just prescribed that specific brand and number of tests/day. :sunglasses:

If you are on a pump and the strips should be free no matter the brand - My wife has gotten one touch and then switched to countour next with no problems

you can get countour next on ebay or amazon for 24 bucks a hundred and cheaper if you buy more

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Right. As soon as I use up my Roche strips I am going to try the meters. Remember I told you I found a couple of brand new boxes in the stash closet? (I think it was you…) :slight_smile:

It depends what plan you are covered by. My plan pays for my one touch.3 strips a day. Just purchased 200strips on amazon. Asking about the libra I was told only if there is no other meter around that you can it is the plan. Nancy50