Control solution

Just paid $10 for a package with 2 small vials of control solution. I have two meters and have never tested either one. I decided it was time to try. The first one tested fine. Will do the other one at home tonight. Do you all test your meters? Frequently? (as frequently as the user's guide says?) Man that seems like a waste of strips to me.

I'm not so sure I've ever tested the meter I'm currently using (which I've had for several years!). The only time I remember going out and actually BUYING control solution was when I had completely lost faith in my old BD ParadigmLink meter (before they discontinued it and NovaMax resuscitated it) and needed to check if it still worked right. (I forget if it did or not).

But the mfr says to control-test every vial; that's one out of every 25 strips wasted. It's not worth the time or money to me.

I haven't tested a meter since 1984. Maybe once or twice but I have no recollection of it.

The only test I do is when the doctor draws bllod work I do a test and then look at the numbers when the blood work comes back. I have never used the control solutions.

Never use the control solution. I won't waste the strips:)

I have no idea what the test number should be for a given meter. I don't recall ever reading what the control test should read. Seems to me to be rather counterproductive.

No way. I have 4-5 meters hanging around if I am ever unsure of the results.


On the test solution bottle a range is given. When used with solution, the strip should fall within that number range. I never bother, but that's how it's used.

Just so you know, glucose meter companies, at least one touch and nova, will send you glucose solution for free. Just call the 800 number and ask for it.

I think I've used glucose control solution twice since I started using a meter in 2001. Not worth the time or money for me, either.

I think that the vote here seems to be it's not worth it to test. That's pretty much what I had decided.