Glucose Meter Control Test

I have a question in regards to control tests on glucometers in general. I was DX’d the beginning of November and have only been testing for a little over a month. I have found with both my Bayer Contour USB and my Freestyle Lite that my latest container of strips are testing closer to the higher range of what is printed on the individual containers. I have noticed that all of my tests with both meters have been higher and almost the same percentage higher as the control tests were. I’m not concerned as I haven’t seen a reading over 130 since the 2nd week after my DX. I am just curious if there is a correlation.

meters are only about + or - 10% accurate. If your meter says 100 it could be 90 or 110. Be fore warned comparing two meters against each other will lead to going crazy.LOL I read a saying some where and it goes something like this. A man with a meter knows his bs, A man with two meters is never sure.

Welcome to Tudiabetes! You will find all kinds of info here to help you out. Keith is quite right about having more than one meter. I have about 8 meters, but only use one consistently at a time. I always use the same meter, for instance, before AND after a meal. I have tried to check them against each other, even using the same finger prick. It is insanity. I have had one say 234 and another say 297, all from the same sample. I think the most important thing is the change from before the meal to after the meal. As long as the change is 30-40 points or less, you have eaten an appropriately planned meal. The numbers will start to go down as you get your diet under control and you find out your EVIL foods, those that make your BG go crazy. Diabetics are like snowflakes, no two are alike. (I just read that somewhere here on the site and liked it)

Thanks for the response. I can definitely relate to the saying. I’ll be glad when I only have test strips for 1 of them

Thanks for the response and the welcome. I have been learning quite a bit here at TuDiabetes. I hate to say it, but this has been a good kick in the a*# as far as my health in general is concerned.

I never use control solution to test new containers of strips & wager that most people don’t. Meters have a ±20% margin of error.

Try this wake up. aug./08 in ICU in diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA) with bs of 672, a1c of 13.2 and 52 years old dx’ed type 1.LOL