Correction Ratio?

I’m trying to get what the correction ratio is all about. For example, if I’m at 240, the correction ratio would tell me how many units I need to get it to 120 or whatever goal I have right ?

But in how much time, 1 hour ? 2 hours ? When I was on MDI I always had to eat after a correction because otherwise I’d keep dropping until I hit a Hypo. Does this change with the Omnipod ?

Thanks a lot.


The correction ratio should be the insulin you need to get back to your goal. Fast acting analog’s (Humalog, Novolog, Apidra) have about a 2 hour peak and a 3-4 hour duration. In theory somewhere between 2 and 4 hours you should be at your goal. This clearly varies per person (and per site). You can’t really expect to hit the goal in less than two hours unless your body has a really fast insulin absorption rate. If your correction ratio is set properly you shouldn’t have to eat after, this is a sign of a to low ratio. (1:20 when it should be 1:25 or something).

For me a MDI correction hit hard and fast, but the pod seems to take longer. With a fast drop I can feel the hypo and sometimes with the pod I slip slower into hypo I don’t really notice as much.

I use novolog and it usually peaks at 2 hours and I am near my goal by 3 hours post correction. There is a lot that goes into figuring out a CF. You need to keep your previous bolus in mind when figuring it out and what you ate.
My CF is 1:70. I use it if my 1hr BG is over my target I bolus. In the beginning I was not allowed to correct until my previous food bolus had almost worn off (3.5 hours) to prevent the hypos. I have very strict control (A1c at 5.2) and am sensitive to hypos.
When figuring yours out test a lot to prevent hypos.
If you are having to defensively eat to prevent a hypo the you took too much insulin (also not good if you are trying to watch your weight).