Could my son have diabetes?

Hi all. My son is almost 3. He drinks and urinates non-stop. He is often hungry and asking for everything…especially granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. He also scratches somewhat often but there is nothing there. He will drink everything and anything. If I deny him he will try to sneak a cup to the bathroom…so I just don’t deny him. I brought him to the pediatrician last week and after explaining things, got him to take a quick finger stick. His reading at that time was 144. He had a snack on the way there…a sugar-free drink and a granola bar…so probably at least 30 minutes prior to the finger stick. This still prompted the doctor to NOt think i was crazy and he ordered a 2 hour glucose tolerance which is scheduled this Thursday morning. Any thoughts or previous test results from you or your young child would be greatly appreciated. I was in medicine years ago and was taught that 60-100 was normal at pretty much any point of the day a person should fall in that range. I have readon here that people are saying up to 120…so I am a little confused. Thanks so much!

I don’t know much about pediatrics, but it certainly sounds as thouh your baby may be diabetic. If the GTT goies high it might be wise to ask the doc for an antibody test. Anyway, there are other more knowledgeable people on this site who can give you a better answer. In any case, would you please let us know what the doc says?

I’m keeping you in my prayers

Thank you Danny. I just read about teh antibody factor & I will most definitely heed your advice based on the tests results. I am hoping maybe it was a fluke, but something inside tells me otherwise. It is strange though because members of my family that developed diabetes, did so much later in life…I always thought it was strictly genetic, but I have recently read otherwise. Thank you again for the prayers.

An antibody test would show if your son has antibodies which are attacking his body. There are sometimes associated autoimmune conditions along with the diabetes. " Type 1 diabetes mellitus is one of the most common severe chronic diseases to occur in childhood and adolescence. There is a genetic predisposition towards type 1 diabetes, which also predisposes patients to other autoimmune diseases such as coeliac disease, thyroid disease, Addison’s disease (adrenal insufficiency), vitiligo, alopecia and gastric autoimmunity. The association of autoantibodies with disease in the target tissues suggests that there may be a role for autoantibody testing in screening for autoimmune diseases, particularly in at-risk populations such as those with type 1 diabetes."
144 after eating such a low carb snack does sound high. An A1C would be a less stressful and maybe more accurate way to test, since it gives the average BG over the last couple of months. Sometimes the GTT is not so accurate in the beginning stages because the blood sugar might come down sooner than two hours. If that happens, make sure to ask for the Hg A1C. Good luck and let us know what happens.

type 1 diabetes manifests itself very quickly, but but takes time to develop because the beta cells in the pancreas are attacked by the bodies own antibodies. It can damage the bodies ability to produce insulin. the damage may take anywhere from a few months to a few years, so often times, the first sign is general fatigue, all the symptoms you mentioned, plus weight loss and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).
there is no proof, but talk to any T! and they almost always will tell me they were ill prior to their diagnosis with diabetes.

Anyway, it is only a few days until thursday, but if you are really nervous you might want to buy a gluose meter. For a parent /child I have two to recommend. One is the Freestyle lite. I has a back light and an port light bright enough to do a reading in the dark without disturbing the baby. the other is the Accuchek Compact Plus. It contains 17 strips and has the lancet attached and a very bright display visible in the dark. Plus this might be easier for a child to handle by himself. In any casee, watch his carbs for the next few days. BTW, I’ve heard from other people that diet soda can raise Blood sugar, as does milk, juice and bread.
Best of luck

Oh, Yeah. You might want to take a friend or your husband with you to the doc. If the little fella is diabetic he is going to be miserable all day after the GTT. If he is not diabetic, he is going to be bouncing off the walls lol.

Libby gave you a great answer to the antibodies. In any case you might want to have a glucometer on hand for spot checks.

LOL Danny. Yep, the hubby is coming with me…that is for certain! Thank you for the advice & thank you Libby!

Hey, Aimee. I have to applaud you for knowing the warning signs for Type 1 diabetes, even if your son is spared the diagnosis. It’s parents like you that will help their kids have a long, beautiful childhood and a healthy attitude later on.

I was diagnosed at age 10. I went DKA in July of 1990 and went into a short coma. The warning signs were all there for at least a month - ravenous thirst, bedwetting, fruity breath, lethargy, weight loss, etc. But we didn’t know any better. My mom just thought it was a hot summer! I couldn’t get enough to drink - ever.

The target range for normal blood sugar control varies a little depending on the age and type of diabetes and whose standards you’re assuming are correct, but we’d all agree that a value that far above 100 if seen regularly is a sign to watch. Good luck and let us know!

I was just diagnosed in January and I was sick for months before hand… and I never get sick. I was tired all the time and I drank atleast 5x more than I ever had before. I could hardly make it through one class with out having to pee. 144 definitely sounds suspicious. Please keep us updated! I will keep you and your baby in my thought and hope for the best.

Hi Aimee,

I agree that the 144 sounds suspicious. So it’s good that you are checking it out.

Of course, I also hope that it is just a fluke, but if he is diagnosed with diabetes, there are two things that you should know:
(1) being so proactive about this helped your son get diagnosed very early in the process (many of us get diagnosed in the emergency room).
(2) a diagnosis of diabetes is never easy… and we are here to help! Turn to us if you need us!

There are many many many people with many years of experience with type 1 diabetes AND we are normal people living normal lives!

The reading could have been inaccurate for many different reasons but i was having the same symptoms( urinating, drinking a lot ) when i was diagnosed. the doctor almost turned me away but my mom persisted and she finally wrote me a referral to the hospital and i tested positive for type 1.

Hi Aimee,
I big hug to you, I hope everything is fine with the tests…

We went through a similar situation on with our son… he did not have all the symptoms yours have, I though you may what to check this discussion.

If you don’t mind me asking, how old were you at the time?

Thank you everyone so very much for the compliments, information and prayers/well-wishes. I am quite nervous to say the least, but am a proactive person, so I am not letting any warning signs go unnoticed…with any of my children. =) I am looking forward to some answers, but concerned on the what-if’s…and the suggestions on other tests are wonderful & I will MOST definitely push them. You are all wonderful, good hearted people…Bless you & Thank You. I will definitely post his results and info on this thread once thursday afternoon comes.

You are wonderful to check your son’'s BG when he develoed the symptoms.In children the criteria to diagnose DM is random BG of 200 mg/dl or more with symptoms,fasting 126mg or more,with symptoms.But your doctor is right to order glucose tolerance test.Diabetes can crawl slowly with high postprandial after having high CHO meals till it will be high all the time,that is in all types of diabetes especially in MODY.
You did the right thing but I pray for your son never to develop diabetes,if he will,he is lucky to have Mum like you.
Best wishes

Hey, I know today is the day your son was supposed to go in for the glucose tolerance test. I’m keeping you both in my thoughts. Please let us know how it goes!

Please take you child to the Dr’s and get it checked.
My Daughter is 3years old was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with type 1.

Best wishes