Countdown to World Diabetes Day - Ugh! Hate when this happens

I had hoped to blog every day for a month until Nov. 14, World Diabetes Day. But life has gotten a little more busy with visitors staying in my home, so I don't have much time to sit and blog. Seems I always something to do or someone to take care of...including myself. So, I will only get to do as much as I can find the time for. So, I'll add this blog that I wrote several days ago, but didn't get the chance to add the photos until today.

Having to remember all if the things that I have to do and bring with me to keep myself in range can be a challenge. Having two kids makes it more of a challenge. So it's moments like the one I am about to describe that I wonder why I always seem to forget one thing and its something different every time.

This day I woke up early to make sure I packed my purse with snacks, glucose tablets, glucagon kit, meter, extra batteries because I had just bought a new pack, tissues and alcohol wipes. Check, check, check. Got the kids ready for school, made breakfast, packed lunches, and the husband took them to school as I got myself off to the bus for a trip to the city to see my doc for a regular check-up and a flu shot.

Hooray, made it on the bus on schedule!!! So I decide to test as it has been two hours since the beginning of my meal and my problem areas are after breakfast, so I always test then. I open up my kit to test (on the bus) and pop open my bottle of strips to see this.....

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have two strips and I know I will be gone for at least 4-5 hours. So I tested and hoped that all was going to be fine...can't mess up. This was the result...

I was glad that I was at a good level. It just seems that I always forget something. But if I hadn't been in range or low I would be just going by feeling as I was not hooked up to my cgm that morning.