Covid sparking type1 in kids

I just heard this story on the radio about Covid causing type 1 to spike. A large increase compared to other years. It’s not that surprising really knowing I had a virus spark my diabetes. But still another thing to worry about esp if you have kids.

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Here’s one article about it.


Yes, this is true, but not just for kids. They believe (and have believed since early on) that we will see a statistically significant increase in the prevalence of type 1.

There has, of course, always been a connection between type 1 and flu virus that is not well understood. I think there’s a good chance that covid helps us understand all of this better.

Mine was cocksackie B virus. Which is a common trigger. I was still sick with it when I was diagnosed.
Made the type 1 diagnosis easier for the doctors.
It’s thought of as just another of the many common cold viruses. The lucky ones come away with no islet cells. Yay for us.

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Disney caused my diabetes. I personally blame Mickey Mouse. Hence get vaccinated from large fake mice.

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@mohe0001, @MM1, @Timothy

If you really want to start a search for all of diabetes, scratch your heads on this one. There is a protein agent called a prion. Prions cause mad cow disease as an example. Science says prions only cause diseases in the central nervous system.

Now think with me. Prion-like proteins MAY act outside the central nervous system. The cause of any of the types of diabetes is unknown and unpredictable. WHAT IF the C-19 virus flips a prion-like protein to mess with the pancreas to cause diabetes.

What if T1D and T2D were both caused by prion-like agents? Stranger things have happened…

Food for thought.

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I am officially worried about covid again. There is frost tonight up North. The season is flipping. When the weather changes, people change here. There’s no telling what the Fall will do to people. People get squirrel-ly and panicky in the Fall. People will be breaking into cars, trying to stock pile resources for Winter, and worse. Winter angst will be here soon. There will be trouble. There is always trouble when the seasons flip. People are gonna go nuts if seasonal flu and corona start up. There will be such a seasonal depression that sets in, unlike any I have ever seen before.

These prions better hold their position. I’m warning them…


Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are such different diseases with different mechanisms tho. Where one is an autoimmune disease and the other is insulin resistance.
I get a little irritated that they are called the same name, but that is another post.
However the Human body is an incredibly complicated organism and so many things can go wrong. Sometimes we just can’t know all the connections and the root causes.

But I love reading stuff like this because it is fascinating.


Hey guys, you all bit on the prion thingy.

@Timothy, the crazy thing is the cause of each (even with the misnomer) the same prion impacting the body at different stages of life???

Bottom line, what causes the disease to begin with?

What I know is somewhat limited.
Type 1 is an auto immune disease. So my immune system made a big mistake. I was invaded by a virus and my body went to killing it off, but then made an error and saw my islet cells as a threat too. It is a “ self, non self, misunderstanding”
There is a genetic component to it where scientists believe there is a faulty gene or a couple of faulty genes.
There have been several breakthroughs but no one has gotten the complete picture yet.

Type 2 diabetes is a totally different thing. This has a genetic issue that is traceable and it is pretty well understood. A type 2 person over produces a certain kind of fat that blocks insulin from entering the cells. This is the fat that marbleizes in your muscles etc. not the kind that hangs over your belt.
When you gain weight you have more of this fat and your condition worsens., lose weight and it improves. However there are people who simply have insulin resistance without regard to fat.
Type 1 diabetics sometimes develop a sensitivity to injected insulin because the body see it as “ non self” and gets to attacking it.
It is also possible to have both conditions at one time.

But calling them one thing is like saying I have blindness, and lumping all diseases into one. Retinopathy and macular degeneration. Those are 2 things that cause blindness but have nothing to do with each other, except they both cause blindness.

Back 100 years ago, if you had sugar in your urine, you had diabetes. End of story.
Then the started. Differentiating adult onset vs juvenile.
But no one even knew what insulin as at that time.


Don’t forget about the gestational diabetics and the traumatic injury diabetics (where their pancreas gets all smashed up in a car accident). They are in the club, too!

@Jay6 I’m sorry, but you’re barking up the wrong tree with your theory of prion disease related diabetes. It sounds like you read an article with partial information and you’re looking to draw a personal correlation to it. While there is still much unknown and/or misunderstood about various types of diabetes, we do know enough to know that it’s not directly caused by any infectious agent, let a lone a prion one. There does seem to be an immune trigger for Type 1, at least, assuming the person has the genetic anomalies. The closest relatable theory to a prion disease would be if someone were to become afflicted with one, which releases the storm of immune agents, which may THEN trigger the initiation of diabetes expression, which was previously laying dormant.


I’ve always believed mine was triggered by a nasty flu/bronchitis I was walloped with two years before diagnosis. Researchers actually asked me about this when I was stuck in the picu recovering after I was diagnosed and explained they were researching the link you’re referencing. I wish I knew more about them so I could find the study but I was completely out of it at that time.

@Robyn_H, you bit. The prion piece was meant to provoke thought outside the box. What if?

Google “seasonal flu and development of type 1 diabetes.” All kinds of stuff will pop up.

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