COVID19 and vitamins

On 1/20/2021 our son started with symptoms of a sinus infection. He works at Burger King where most of the staff have had COVID and recently went on a trip to a laser tag facility where no masks were worn. But he gets these all the time, so we thought nothing of it.

But he kept getting worse and worse, so on Tuesday 1/26 we finally took him to the urgent care for a regular COVID19 test. The results came back positive THursday 1/28.

I myself am being treated as a Type 1 diabetic on insulin along with other heath issues such as high blood pressure, slight obesity, and high cholesterol. I really don’t want to be hospitalized and neither does my wife who is a Type 2 diabetic also with other health conditions. We really hoped our family could get the vacine and avoid COVID19.

I got tested the day before using rapid testing and showed negative. My wife hasn’t been tested yet.

After doing some research and hearing lots of good thins about Standard Products for building ones immune system, we decided to give that a try. So today 1/29 I picked up nearly $400 in products for us all to use and will be chornicling our success or not here.

Not sure if everyone would like to know what we are taking and doses, so if you do, let me know and I can post that as well.

SO far, I feel like I have a sinus infection and have little energy. I may go back and get tested again. If neither one of us tests positive, we may still get the vaccine once it becomes available. We are both on the short list and next in line once we move to the next stage.

Please keep in mind that these products are NOT treating COVID per se but treating the underlying immune system so the body can heal itself. I can get into trouble by saying we are being treated for COVID.

It does not help prevent the infection, but zinc has been shown to be helpful if you do get infected. People with low levels of zinc do worse than those with good levels of zinc.


I work in a hospital and have seen first hand the rate of false negatives with the rapid testing. We no longer use it for diagnosis and only use in the case of an emergency. I agree with taking supplements especially VitD. The evidence is out there but in my community of providers not being recommended at all.

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I’m, in general, not a fan of supplements because they are not FDA approved. But, I do take vitamin D and calcium and vitamin C currently during covid, and Vit D all the time.

My understanding of health and my general attitude about preserving immunity is along the lines of moderate exercise, eat well, sleep well, enjoy your life, don’t put yourself at risk. As for supplements, none other that D and B-12 to compensate for low-normal levels, but even those are likely useless, at least from studies I’ve seen…

To boost immunity, forget ‘magic pills.’ Focus on sleep, exercise, diet and cutting stress. - The Washington Post


It’s also worth noting that almost all of the studies on minerals/vitamins and COVID outcomes are correlational, not experimental therapeutics. That means that there’s no way to tell whether the lower levels caused the worse outcomes, whether the lower levels were caused by COVID’s worsening course, or whether both the lower levels and a worse COVID course were caused by a separate thing (like diabetes, for example, or some other metabolic issue) that itself won’t be changed by taking vitamins. So taking the supplements found to be reduced in hospitalized COVID cases could help, but also could do nothing useful at all. That said, if a person might be at all deficient in those things, seems worth checking/correcting that, since couldn’t hurt. But for most supplements, there isn’t evidence for the benefits of megadoses for non-deficient people, and won’t be unless that is directly tested.


I also have low-normal B12 levels…I wonder if it’s diabetes-related or just coincidental

it seems to be related to neuropathy. I had mild tingling, unusual for me, and although I now take B-12, and never found a study that showed it reversed neuropathy. I don’t eat much red meat, and wondered whether that was why.

Where I work they require us to spit in a vial once a week for routine testing.
However no one is making sure it’s being collected properly.
The broad rapid testing is a joke.
Now that we are getting g vaccinated I’m sure the covid tests will stop except in the ER and clicking setting.
Then we can manage with the more reliable testing