Covid-19 blues

After consistently taking precautions against infection, this virus entered our household. Thursday I tested positive with a home test. I had a runny nose, scratchy throat and for me, ramping up BG and insulin use. I changed cartridges on Wednesday night which is normally good for 3 days, but I was running short on Friday night. I dragged myself out of bed, recliner actually, and made myself change the cartridge with more insulin than usual.

Besides the rhinotracheitis, I have had extreme fatigue and undulating chills and fever. I probably slept 20 hours on Friday. I haven’t eaten breakfast in 2 days, with elevated BG.

Maybe I’m on the mend. I woke up around 3PM Saturday, feeling much better. My cats won’t be pleased as they really enjoyed the Daddy cat bed.

I wonder if any type 2s here on insulin that contracted Covid have had similar experiences/ I knee from the 3 vaccines I received that I would have severe insulin resistance if I actually got Covid.


You might want to take Paxlovid.
I’m type 1 so don’t have an answer to your question. It was regular sick day increased insulin for me, but nothing beyond that diabetes-wise.

I was giddy as we don’t wear masks at work unless required after covid for another 5 days and figured it was all over. Then, on May 17th, 2022 I had a pretty bad cold for the day and was texting with a friend I had not seen in months who told me she just had a bad cold and tested positive for Covid. I told her Covid was well over in our area, but since I have a bunch of home tests laying around, I would, on a lark, take a test and sure enough tested positive, although had no symptoms beyond a cold. I called my PCP and he prescribed Paxlovid, 5-day treatment of tablets.

Day 2-3 I felt very lethargic and had a low-grade fever peaking at 100.7. By day 4 I was feeling much better and my fever was almost gone. By day 5 I felt totally normal and on day 6 was back at work.

Joslin, after 30+ years is still trying to type me so I am not typical Type 1 or 2 but have been on Humalog MDI for the past few decades. They were convinced I was MODY but my last MODY test came out negative as well. Last week they had me take the latest super-duper 52 biomarker MODY test and I should get those results in about 1 month.

I had been fully vaccinated with both Moderna # 1 and # 2 followed by 2 Moderna boosters #1 and Booster #2.

Nearing age 75 + a compromised immune system, I should be more careful, I guess, but have too many peers that have religiously masked during the whole Covid period, fully vaccinated, and still caught Covid so even though there are about 400 people at my work facility I am still totally delinquent when it comes to masking so sometimes I guess there is just no fool like an old fool. I am not anti-mask or anti-vax, but Covid does not scare me now, especially having gone through the experience with the currently available antiviral medications. I would rather get Covid again than have to wear a mask outside of a medical facility.


Hope that you are feeling better Louis3.


Glad that Covid was fairly easy for you CJ!


I am feeling much better. My self imposed range is 74 to 145mg/dl. When I was feeling the worst I went as high as 202mg/dl with increased corrections both by tandem and manually. Today It only peaked at 157mg/dl after breakfast and has been 115 to 130mg/dl. Oxygen levels are good, temperature has reduced and I only have occasional having to expel mucous yuck!

I think I will do a bit of light after dinner exercise. As I do some kind of exercise daily, I miss it.

Thanks so much for asking.


I hope you are feeling better, @Luis3.

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I am, still battling higher BG, but not as much. Thanks


Glad to hear.
Have local family that have it, and limited our Father’s day gathering. But they are doing ok.

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Get well soon!!! :bouquet: :bouquet:

Thanks, I’m testing negative, but am having exercise induced shortness of breath. That seems to be improving as is the increased insulin resistance.