Crack in case of Animas Vibe

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It’s been a while since I last logged in although I’ve lurked a bit over the last month or so. Anyway, I have a Vibe which I was hoping to nurse through the full 4 years even though my warranty is essentially voided and can only trade for a 630 which I’m not interested in doing.

I discovered a crack in the case next to the battery. Has anyone lived with one of these for a while? I’m hoping to have the pump last at least until my current G$ sensor batch is used up - about 5 months.

If I have to, I’ll just move to Tandem.

I’ve been orphaned twice by pump companies - it’s not fun.



That really sucks that Animas didn’t even honour in-warranty pumps. :frowning: This is also the second time I’ve been orphaned by a pump company. :frowning:

My Ping has had a significant crack in the battery compartment for the past two years. For the past year, it’s been taped up with electrical tape because a chunk of plastic fell off the battery compartent (which left the battery exposed if I didn’t tape it back in place). I’ve replaced the tape periodically, perhaps two or three times over the past year, and am just careful when I change the battery.

I’ve had no problems so far. I do have to be very careful not to get my pump wet, because I don’t think it would take much to fry it.

Yes, I’ve lived with pump case cracks emanating from the battery compartment. As long as the ability to change batteries without compromising the battery’s capacity to power the pump, then I think you should be able to nurse your pump for at least four months.

Your Vibe is no longer waterproof or water-resistant, so I would avoid exposing it to water. Good luck with this!

By the way, I have cracked an Animas Ping pump case by over-torquing the battery compartment cap. I now am very careful not to do this. My pump was under warranty so I was able to get it replaced.

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We had a Ping with a crack on the battery case. It was 2 years out of warranty. We were going to go down the duct route similar to Jen but finally decided on the Tandem. So put the duct back away (with the Ping) to save for another day.

I would have rather gone the duct tape route as opposed to make a decision which I would not have been comfortable with.

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No doubt this was the cause of the pump casing crack for us. However, I still hold this is an engineering defect. The battery cap should have been constructed much weaker. Animas should have assumed the cap would be over-torqued and designed the cap to fail. As it is, the cap can apparently survive anything and the pump casing is the first to give way.

I’m sure mine was also due to over-tightening the cap over time, but I agree that this was a design flaw. The manual specifically emphasizes that the battery cap should be tightened enough that the pump is waterproof, and given how often people (even very experienced pumpers) have cracked the battery compartment, it seems like a clear flaw to me.

Here’s the link to a post I wrote about this topic back in 2014.

Here are two pictures of that crack:

I’m sure I over tightened as well and I agree it is a design flaw. On the other hand, I’m not going to worry about the crack right now and will take my time in looking at a Tandem. I don’t swim anymore and I’ll just be more careful when it ranins.

I’m an accountant in the middle of tax season and this is the last thing I want to think about for the next few weeks.

I want to thank everyone for the quick replies!


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Are we sure they are not still replacing in warranty Animas with Animas Vibe?

If it’s still in warranty, I believe they might replace it. About six months ago, I got a crack on the outside of my Ping, just on the part where the clip goes. The minute I said “crack” to the customer service rep, she said “We’ll send you a replacement immediately.” I again explained it was on the outside of the pump, just so I wouldn’t be accused of wrongfully accepting a replacement, and she said it didn’t matter.

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Ping or Vibe as a replacement???

I think that Animas closing has changed the warranty situation. In Canada, at least, Animas is no longer operating and Medtronic is handling all pump issues. It may be worth contacting them. But as the OP said, I suspec they would offer a 630G as a replacement.

I will call Medtronic tomorrow - as Jen said they are handling all Animas issues now including supplies. I am not hopeful. Under the original surrender terms, I had too long to go on my warranty for it to be honored and the only option offered was a free exchange for a 630.


Even though Medtronic is handling calls, the FAQ says:

If your warranty expires before September 30, 2019, Animas will continue to honor your warranty until your warranty expires and you transition to a new pump. When your pump warranty is about to expire, we encourage you to explore some of your options by visiting or by calling 855-322-9568 (US) or or by calling 800-284-4416 (Canada).

EDIT to add: Sounds like your warranty must expire after September 30, 2019, which puts in the other group. :frowning:

A factory refurbished Ping.

Good to know!