Crazy Little Thing Called HDL

the fear is still lingering in the back of my head but hope is still in the air after getting my blood drawn this last wednesday to check my good cholesterol. i know that i wasn't the best at sticking with my workout schedule for the 5 weeks that i had but i think that the days that i did work out i busted my ■■■ to the point where everything hurt.

every time i hit the treadmill and i would think to myself "maybe i should stop" i would always think about adding another pill to my daily routine, not to mention the side effects that would come along with it. so that's why i came to the conclusion that if for some reason my good cholesterol is not at 39 or 40 and the doctor does try to add another pill, i'm not taking it.

i'm a strong believe that there are always different solutions to problems in life and that a lot of medical doctors like tossing new medication to patients because they get a little cash back from the people that produce them. i don't know if my doctor is one of them but you never know. hopefully it wont have to come down to it because my levels will be at 39 or 40.

My HDL is also low but I’m not taking Crestor because I’m not convinced that cholesterol levels are that important. And my total was 180.

Statins are bad news for HDL. If you want to raise your HDL, I recommend eating lots of good fats, taking large doses of fish oil, aggressive strength training and my favorite, two glasses of red wine a day.

The “only” medication that could be prescribed for raising HDL is niacin, but unfortunately, niacin can raise your blood sugar and is rarely appropriate for someone who has diabetes.

Did you get your test results already for cholesterol? I also went last Wednesday to get that test done I will have to call my doctor for the results sometime. My levels three months ago were 180 total cholesterol, and the good cholesterol was 46…I need to increase it…I hate diabetes, it’s many diseases in one…my doctor said to eat walnuts, but I couldn’t find them at the supermarket yet…I heard that Omega-3 helps…I will try those two and see what happens. Let us know how you do please…I hope good…I don’t know how much is good for men, but I wish you the best