Cure for diabetes?


Recently i came to know that there is an organization operating in US called TREE OF LIFE , that gives cure for all kinds of diabetes . On posting an enquiry with the concerned department i got a few details about that . I have attached those for you .

Is this true ? Really does it cure ?
PLS. let me know your views .

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thanks in advance ..

Of all the sites out there on the internet about diabetes, I’d guess that 60-80% of them are scams like the one you posted.

I’m of mixed feelings as to whether we should discuss these non-informational and 100% wrong websites and 100% scam sites here on tudiabetes. I mean, it’s one thing to discredit them. But even linking to them is doing the scammers a favor because more people get drawn to their website scam.

My gut feeling is that if there is a moderator for tudiabetes, that they should take any thread that links to a scam-site and censor it.

sounds like a nice resort but a cure for diabetes puhleeze

Wow, I never knew I could be cured and all I need is a coffee enema!!! Bring it on. Just kidding!! Is this stupid or what do these people think we’re stupid or what??? Come on.

When it comes to illness, people really need to use some common sense. If this ‘cure’ was not on the 6 o’clock news, and no professional doctor, or other medical professional, knows about this… It’s NOT real.

We diabetics are all hoping for a cure someday… But there are also people, organizations, companies that take advantage of this “hope”…and will promise us a pill, a procedure, an herb, a vegetable, a spa, a drug…anything, to convince us to try their “stuffs” to cure diabetes.
There are scientifically proven meds, to help us manage our diabetes…but there are no known cures yet.
If you are unsure, talk to a legitimate and licensed medical practitioner.

This is the site run by the new age vegan Gabriel Cousens, backed by Neal Barnard, the PCRM and PETA. They also advocate raw food and fasting and meditation. There is nothing wrong with vegan diets or raw food or any of that, but their claims are highly dubious and not substantiated by science of evidence. Personally, I would be very wary of this group. Cousens has been accused of a number of things (including at least one person’s death) and the motivation of these groups is somewhat questionable. And don’t think for a moment that this diet will ever “cure” you of diabetes.

Some PETA members have a very very negative view of insulin treatment, because of the experimentation done on dogs that led to the discovery of insulin in the last century and the way that animal pancreases were used to produce insulin for most of the time since.

Which is all so strange. So many dogs and cats have been fed a very unnatural corn and grain based diet and end up diabetic. And now thousands of dogs and cats depend upon those very same insulin injections to save their lives.

oh … great . thank you all for your response . I’ll make sure that i dont get involved into these stuff’s.

seriously, no joke. I swear by Dr. Barnard and Cousens. When I first was diagnosed with Diabetes I followed Barnard’s book religiously. I followed it for 22 weeks according to his studies cited in his book. I dropped 35 pounds, and my BLS went from 300 to 125. I have friends and family who will testify to this. two close friends of mine wanted the book when they saw how much weight I dropped. I was a muscular 185 and dropped 35 pounds. It doesn’t claim to be a cure. It reverses high blood sugar and the effects of it. There are studies dating back to the late 60’s which show that a vegan diet lowers blood sugar, heart disease, etc. But, big business doesn’t want anyone to know this. It hurts the pocket books of doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the whole diabetes industry.Cousens seems wacky but he is the real deal and there is evidence of serious diabetics reversing their condition following his program. I swear by these guys.

Totally agree with you Joe_h

Two things about this "scam"

I don’t think it’s really a scam, in that I don’t think the folks responsible realize that their products don’t work. I’m willing to bet that they claim to cure diabetes because they don’t understand it, and even highly educated MDs have trouble with that one, so you can’t really fault them. If you followed their routine religiously, and if diabetes (T2) was your only major problem… which isn’t likely… you’d probably see your symptoms decrease or disappear after a while. Does that mean you’re cured of diabetes? Well, if by cure you mean having normal blood sugars all the time, yeah, it does… at least until you go off the regimen. This is really not much different from insulin therapy in a T1 — you’re on it for life.

Thing is, I don’t think merely having normal blood sugars is a “cure” for T2 — because the predisposition for developing insulin resistance and diabetes is still there, and always will be. And as for T1, the claim that this will cure it is so patently ridiculous, I wasn’t even going to comment on it, except that I saw a note about a publication in Diabetes the other day in which a researcher (not an endocrinologist, for the record) had found that mice genetically engineered to lack glucagon receptors maintained glucose homeostasis without insulin. Sounds great, doesn’t it? That you could do away with insulin therapy if only you suppress the production of glucagon? Um, well… not really, not if you understand that insulin does more than oppose glucagon. Unfortunately, the reporting around the story was all about “If this works in humans the way it works in mice, we can cure T1.” Well, maybe, if you expect the T1s in question to stop eating, to stop doing anything requiring cellular metabolism (like, maybe, GROWING if you’re 3 years old?), and to have to continually be taking whatever big pharma comes up with to suppress glucagon. How, exactly, is that any different from having to continually take insulin… which, unlike whatever chemical they put together in the lab, is at least normal to the human body? Thanks, but… we’ll stick with the insulin on this end, if it’s all the same to you.

Bottom line, I think the treeoflife people and that researcher have the common flaw of not truly understanding the complex disease they’re attempting to “cure.”

I forgot what my second thing was. Not important.

You were a muscular 185 and this wonderful diet help you drop 35 lbs? It is no wonder your blood sugar dropped, you were probably starving. This would seem to be the total opposite of a desirable course. I would encourage you to reconsider things, if you continue you may well harm yourself.

Cousens has also had his license to practice revoked in at least one state…

It’s CONTROLLED, not reversed. Could you go out and eat 2 slices of pizza, with a regular soda, and finish with a slice of cake and never spike above about 120 or 130? If not, your diabetes is not reversed, it is controlled. There is no such thing as diabetes reversal. This is an urban legend. Once diabetic, always diabetic. Maybe now you just have fantastic control. It’s not the same thing.

I don’t get the ‘suppress glucagon, cure T1’ thing anyway. So many T1s already don’t make glucagon the way they should (thus why it’s not all that difficult to slip into unconsciousness and seizures during hypos) - and yet, here we are, uncured. I don’t see how further suppressing our glucagon will do ANYTHING except put us all at risk of hypoglycemic death.

I read the press releases about glucagon suppression in lab mice, and what it brings to my mind has nothing to do with T1, what it brings to my mind is an already hugely succesful drug, Metformin. Metformin does a very impressive job preventing gluconeogenesis and is hugely useful to many T2’s.

I think the researchers are doing interesting stuff, and understanding bg control and all the ways that diabetes is more than just a disease of high bg’s is hugely important. Already we know about Amylin/Symlin for example, and C-peptide too. But there’s a lot out there still to be discovered.

At some point I wonder if the “insulin will no longer be necessary is the same as a cure” theme, is influenced by anti-insulin propaganda from PETA etc. Certainly I lump Cousens et al in with that.

Actually T1s are fully able to produce glucagon, the alpha cells are spared the autoimmune attack. The problem is that high levels of insulin suppress the normal signaling of glucagon to your liver. Even though your glucagon signals properly, it can’t be heard by the liver. The efforts at a closed loop artificial pancreas seem to need glucagon in order to get proper control.