Cut feet

So, you know those mirrors that mount on to a door? Well, Saturday, I closed my bathroom door and the mirror fell. It shattered everywhere, and cut both of my feet. I was getting ready for a party, so of course, I hadn’t gotten to the part of putting on shoes. My right foot isn’t so bad, but my left foot’s second toe (the one right beside the big one) got cut pretty deep. I have kept it cleaned with peroxide since and covered with gauze, and strapped my toes together to keep it from moving (it hurts worse to move). My sister (an EMT) seems to think it’ll be okay as long as I clean it at least 2-3 times/ day. If it looks any worse later, I’m making a straight shot to the doc’s office then.

This is a picture taken earlier with my camera after cleaning it…

I'm going to the doc Thursday for my regular appointment, so I'll do an update then... if I don't have to go sooner. I'll also post another picture too.

So, to all of you out there… BE CAREFUL! Don’t walk around barefoot! Keep some kind of slippers or something on at all times. I will definately keep my crocs ( I have the diabetic ones that have the big toe cover) close by from now on!!

I called the doc about a tetanus shot - they wanted me to come in today, so I did. The doc looked and everything looked fine, just told me to keep up the cleaning and call if there are any signs of infection. He tested for signs of diabetic neuropathy, and everything was great there. They gave me the shot and I was on my way! :slight_smile:

Ouch! Glad to hear it’s ok for now =) I always walk around bare foot…maybe those crocs could come in use!

also a reminder to those living in earthquake–prone areas: keep an old pair of shoes right under the bed! If there’s a big one at night, you don’t want to be feeling around for your shoes when there might be broken glass in the house.

Please discontinue using peroxide, if you haven’t already. It can be good to use once, if you get a break in the skin in a particularly germie environment, but not on-going and not for deep wound. Peroxide not only kills bad bacteria, it also kills live, healthy cells that are trying to heal a wound… all per the emergency room doctor, when I accidentally gashed my leg while trying to climb over a rock (got 21 stitches and a not-so-lovely scar).

I was thinking abourt this last night, and Teresa is correct.

Will do. So, what do I clean it with now?

WELL… an update about my toe… Everything seemed to be okay, but it still hurt pretty badly to wear closed toe shoes (yes, even almost 2 months later). My other cuts healed fine, but not the toe. Then, last week on monday a piece of glass worked it’s way out of it. OMG, no wonder it was looking so bad! Went to the ped doc and he ended up having to remove the toenail and cleaning it out to make sure there was no more glass. THAT was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. But now I’m on antibiotics, orally and topically. So, a word of the (now) wise… if anything ever damages your feet, MAKE SURE you go to a doc to get it checked out immediately! I probably could have saved myself a lot of pain!

hi, LillyBell. I’m so glad you’re on the upswing, it’s funny I was just thinking of you and wondering if you ever found out what to clean this type of wound with. I got about a couple of hundred splinters in my hand months ago and they’re still working their way out, so I’d love to know what the docs told you to clean it with. I know, foot pain can be so excruciating.

They told me to clean it as normal and soak twice a day in epson salt water for 10 minutes. I hope your hand gets better. Try the soaks. It’s supposed to help pull foreign bodies out, or so I was told.