Cutest Kitten Picture EVER

…because why not.

Post the one you think is the cutest. Here’s mine.


Who did that kitten vote for???

Just kidding! :wink:

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Just wanted to add something animal-esque that I found both cute and high-larious:

“It’s like … mango chutney and burnt hair.”

Kinda describes some of my cooking…



The day we brought her home, age about 10-11 weeks. (She’s 2½ now).


To expand the “Feel-better” category a bit: My kitties are now all 16 years old. But here are my new grandsons. Last year my daughter and her partner and my 12 year old grandson decided to begin fostering the babies of drug addicted moms…These two beautiful babies are now healthy and doing well. The one on the left, mom recovered, but my kids and I will continue to be his Aunties and see him from time to time. The cutie patootie with all the hair is about to be adopted by my kids. But I consider them all part of my family…Uplift is what we need. This counts, me thinketh…


Kitties, raccoons, and babies: what’s not to love?

OK, raccoons are notorious for carrying rabies and they’ll rip your face off if you attempt to interrupt them while they are pilfering through your garbage cans or meticulously picking apart the screen on your daughter’s bedroom window in order to break into your house and steal your cat’s food, but they’re just so gosh-darned cute.

(There’s a freaking octopus emoji, but no raccoon emoji?!?!? What’s wrong with this world?)


We are attended every night by raccoons, skunks and possums eating cat food on our back porch. We haven’t had a problem yet and our last 4 ancient kitties are fine with them…

The peaceable kingdom is a wonderful thing and we cherish it…