What I've Been Doing

If you check out my photos, you'll see a couple of them include a very special cat, Samantha. She was a fantastic companion, a cat who was a hero, who acted like a mother cat to her humans, but who never forgot to play. She died of kidney failure a few years ago, and we've been without a cat since. Over the past few months, we've been considering getting another cat, and over the past few weeks, we decided to fill that empty space and we started seriously looking through the shelter listings for potential pets. After browsing through thousands of pictures, seeing scores of kitties, and meeting 4 of them up close and personal, we decided on two new furry friends. Please meet

Rusty Rose, AKA “Rosie”! She’s a tortoiseshell kitty with some tabby markings. Her story is sad, as she was an abused kitty and she still exhibits behaviors that show her past.

Rosie’s new “brother” is this little ball of energy:

Both of these pictures were taken at the shelter and the cats were more than a little nervous. But, they made it through and are now in their forever home!

Fishtail has adjusted to the new house quite easily. He loves playing with his toys, eats anything he finds on the floor, and is just one heck of a playful boy. He’s one super kitty who’s totally comfortable in his own skin:

Rosie is going to be more difficult. She doesn’t like to eat in front of us, she hides under the bed and won’t come out, and she trembles something terrible when we finally get her out of the bedroom. We’re working with her to help her trust us, but it’s slow going. Today, she sat in the bay window and let us pet her belly – Major Progress!

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope everyone enjoys the new furkids!

just beautiful. you have a heart of gold.you get a medal for kindness from me,

Aw, thank you, shoshana! I am definitely concerned about Rosie, since she does not seem to want to eat, or at least in front of us, but I am determined to help her regardless of what she thinks!


Oh wonderful, my dear. I'm happy for you. Your new furry friends will be a boon, I know. We've taken in over 60 strays in the last 35 years, so I'm definitely with Shoshana. Patience pays off.....Blessings...Judith in Portland

Lovely cats. I have a rescue poodle who was abused. It takes time to get them to trust you. Move very slowly and tell her what you are going to do and most of all tell her what a Good Girl she is. Renae Poodle is one bundle of love, how anyone could hurt a 5kg little dog I shall never know.![|505x480](upload://bVdMjajJrEQwjFKXnYohByOW2HF.jpeg)

Love the picture, Pastel. What a sweetie.....xx000

Thank you for saving 2 sweet lives. It is a blessing to adopt shelter animals. I have 2 furballs that were adopted from a shelter too. They are wonderful cats. One of them, Zorro, was a feral kitten and never learned to meow, he squeaks instead. He is a sleek tuxedo cat. The other one, Maggie, climbed into my handbag at the shelter,as if to say “Take me with you.” She is a striped and white tabby. Just give them time to adjust to their new surrounding and to you.

Two beautiful and blessed kitties! Thanks for sharing!

Pastel, I agree with your musing -- anyone who hurts a creature that can't fight back should first be dressed in no more than their birthday suit then locked in a cage with a jaguar. "What's that -- Unfair? Tsk, tsk."

Hi Angela C. Wonderful post! I enjoyed Pastelpainter's contribution as well. Thank you for this blog. In case anyone wonders why it's here on a Diabetes site, know that I, for one, could not exist with this disease without my furry friends.

Rosie and Fishtail update!! My brother decided he was going to send the new kitties a gift: Blue Buffalo cat food. It couldn't have come at a better time! Rose has been on essentially a "hunger strike" pretty much since she got here, and Fishtail has been having problems with "passing gas". Well, wouldn't you know, the food came today and happily, Rosie ate! She must have eaten 2 tablespoons of food (it was in my hand) before she quit! Such a relief. I would be so upset if Rosie continued to refuse food. I wouldn't let her starve!

Cats are so great. We picked up boy and girl siblings and it was fun to watch them lose their fear and explore. The boy is still a little skittish. They were born in the wild and we think the boy took on protecting the litter.

mistressbinky--"Furry friends ease the mind"---so true. Made me think of this photo of me and our 26-lb Doufus. A couple weeks after knee replacement 2 years ago. The essence of comfort!:

My David has to lift him into my lap, but it’s worth it!..Blessings on pet lovers who love their comforters!..Judith in Portland

Cats are special. They are. Wish I could have my own.