Cycling to Control Diabetes

Hello all.

Cycling is a big part of my diabetes and overall health management plan. It has become an area of strong interest to me after giving up running 3 years ago due to the wear and tear on a very bad ankle and a knee with an ACL rebuild in its past.

I’m very interested in hearing from other Type 1’s who enjoy cycling and athletics in general, and the experiences in managing BG during intense workouts. This can be discouraging to some Type 1’s, and unfortunately, results in a fear of exercise. In can be intimidating if one’s insulin sensitivity is very high, as mine seems to be.

I am attempting for form a cycling club in OKC for group riding, encouragement, and fellowship among diabetics to foster interest in fitness and effective diabetes management. I was a top fund-raiser for the OKC Tour de Cure in June, and want to use that as a springboard for this effort. We’ll see what happens.

I will strive to post and participate on many subjects, including this one. With the right strategy and mindset, I hope many diabetics can categorize their Type 1 as a minor inconvenience. Those who have fought the disease since very early childhood and suffer complications, my heart goes out to you. But there is hope. For a story of great inspiration, see what has been accomplished by Phil Sutherland, and pro cyclist with Type 1 since he was 7 months old. See

Keep up the good fight everyone

I’m a cycling Okie as well!! I would love to bring the DESA conference to OK in 2011. Care to join me?

Hi Brenda. Sorry…not familiar with DESA. What organization is that?

Diabetes Exercise and Sport Association. I’m a fairly new member. I guess they have an awesome annual confernece. I would love to bring the conference to the OKC area. We have much to offer including being much less expensive then other venues.

I love to cycle and i am startign a new job when I am delivering sandwiches in the morning on a bike. I know I will reduce insulin up to 50% even more sometimes.