D and Breastfeeding

I have been struggling to breastfeed, and recently went to see a lactation consultant and doctor at the local Children’s Hospital breastfeeding clinic. They told me that I have several “risk factors” for low supply: PCOS, T2 Diabetes, Overweight — these all have something in common: insulin.

So, I’m trying to find out more info online, but I’m not finding a lot of legitimate research. Does anybody know about how D relates to milk production? I’ve seen some older threads on TuD with people asking a similar question.

It does seem related, insofar as my bg goes. I’ve been breastfeeding and pumping a lot, and my bg has been really excellently in range, despite the fact that I have not been eating particularly low carb (first time mom - it’s a miracle if I remember to eat at all! I am hoping to get back into a routine, but that’s a story for another day). So it would seem that there is some interplay.

My wife’s an IBCLC (among many other healthcare acronyms)

I’ve seen this subject come up on this forum several times and have therefore asked her similar questions several times… the bottom line is that nobody including her really seems to know much about the potential links that you’re looking for… What she could tell you for absolutely certain is that countless women of every background have similar issues, and its very frustrating to a lot of them… So you’re not alone… and it may very well not really be related, and very little chance of ever actually knowing if it is… But good luck and keep it up as best you can! Congratulations on the first baby!


Aha! No wonder I can’t find any science on it. Thanks so much for your feedback.