D & d #4

Diabetes and Dialysis #4

It has been one hell of a week. Had classes to attend on two nights. Then got two units of whole blood on Thursday followed by AV fistula sugery yesterday. Aren't I a pin cushion enough already without having to have more holes poked in me?

People told me that I would feel better once I got the two units of blood. Felt the same as I got home from the hospital. Now that might have been because I had a 14 hor turn around to be back at the hospital at 6AM yesterday.

Not a whole lot of sleep Thursday night. Guess I was worried about the surgery. The hospital folks were great. I was the first in and was taken back before 8AM. I can remember waking up in the recovery room at 9:45 with a bandage right wrist.

Got back to the room they prep'ed me in a little after 10AM and my wife was livid. Apparently no one called her to tell her that I was out of surgery and that all went well. To us that in one of those unforgivable things.

When I got back to my room they immediately brought me a meal which I was greatful for. It was something simplebut it was food. That would keep me until I got back to the house and got a full meal.

The fun part was what to do with my insulin. I normally take 40 u of Lantus before breakfast but what do I do when there is no real breakfast. Well I guessed and so far I am right where I like to be. Reading an hour ago was 95.

Doctor gave me Lortap 5 for the pain and yet on my med list I clearly had Lortap 7.5 written down. What is even more amazing is that the pharmacy filled the thing.

The wrist does hurt. Especially when I hit it against someting. That is why I am awake at 1:20 AM. Lortap don't do much for that kind of stuff.

I did get the AV fistula where they tie the vein and the artery together in my wrist. I can type pretty well with it so not much loss of movement or use.

My blood work before the surgery showed that my kidney function improved about 20%. Now I'll have to see if the two units help my numbers.

So all in all I feel pretty darn good. No where near as bad as I thought I would feel.

Now if I can just get some sleep.

Another step Sparky, glad you made it through well, and especially glad you can type! Hope you got some sleep.

Like pup said look at it that way. I hope everything winds up working out for u Sparky. WE LOVE U HERE DON'T LET IT GET U DOWN! U CAN DO THIS!!!! I know it's gets to u but ur a great man!!!