It Has Been Ages!

It feels like a lifetime since I have had the time to sit down and tell my friends here on Tu exactly what has been going on.

I have been working close to 50 hours a week al the while maintaining a dialysis schedule that takes me away from work 2 days per week.

We are going through our assessment period at work coupled with all the exams we have to do every year. This has made for some rather trying times. This will continue until the end of September when the last inspection team is done. Then comes the work of fixing all of the problems all the inspection teams find.

Then there is the new addition to our family. We got permanent custody of our grandson on June 24th. So all the court stuff is done...finally.

On the dialysis front I had to undergo a third surgery on the access they put in my arm. The surgeon had to re-route my vein to bring it close to the surface so the folks could actually find it and put the needles in it. I go back to using the arm access on Thursday this coming week (8/22/13). I will still be keep the catheter for another month as they make sure that the vein will work.

My wife, smokinbeaver, fell in March and dislocated her right shoulder. It was a stage 3 dislocation (the worst) and the doctors in the ER said it was the worst they had ever seen. She has not completely recovered (she may never completely recover) but it back to doing the things she used to do. Just may take a little more time to do it.

I will be back to this site, I promise. I need you folks as kind of an outlet. I also like to help people who are just starting out with diabetes or dialysis. If this applies to you and you read this drop me a message or respond here. I will do my level best to answer you.

Thanks to all of you for being here.


Great to hear from you, Sparky and glad things are going better. Talk about jumping right back ! Your schedule sounds exhausting so do remember to take care of yourself, I'm sure you know that! I'm sorry about your wife's fall. I hope she continues to improve. You are a valuable member of this board for your experience, strength and hope (as the saying goes). Welcome back!

Thanks Zoe. As we wind down with all this stuff I will be back. Like I said I NEED you folks...bad.

Great to see you back, Sparky. You have been such a great support to so many of us on tudiabetes. Hope things are finally looking up for you and congratulations on your new addition to the family!

We all need each other. I love how interchangeable all our roles are. I spend a lot of time supporting and sharing with newbies, then bang smack into something that confuses me and post a thread to which I get incredibly useful responses.

Hi Sparky. I missed your post on the day you wrote it since my computer is misbehaving, but like everyone else, I'm really glad to hear from you. Best wishes to both you and your wife in recovering, and congratulations on getting permanent custody of your grandson. Cheers!