DADs (Diabetic Alert Dogs)

A friend of mine on Facebook is a self-trainer for Diabetic Alert Dogs. She does breed the dogs as well and by 7 weeks old the have the RAW ability which means they can pick up on the scent. She only charges $1500 to $2000 for the dogs and $50 to help train these dogs. Most places who train these alert dogs charge around $20,000 for them. I personally do not have that kind of cash just laying around plus these places are usually miles and miles away from where I live and I can also not travel due to money and other responsibilities here. I wrote this blog to let people know about her blog she has. Here's the link: She's out of Salt Lake City, UT. Her own dog has been nominated for AKC ACE award through the American Kennel Club Association. Hasn't won, but we are looking to nominate him again to see if maybe we can get him an award. He is an amazing dog.

There is a foundation that helps raise money for these dogs..Check out MealsToLive website!!

Hi Cherise. Thanks for the link, a most interesting blog. Applause for Bravo!

Thanks for the link to such an interesting and informative blog. I'm currently training my dog as a DAD and can use all of the advice I can find.