Daily Lantus Dose Issue US (ET) vs. UK (GMT)

So I live in the ET time zone and this weekend, I’m flying to London (GMT) for the week to go to work on some items. While flying back from San Francisco last night (yes, my boss is trying to kill me), I figured out that I would need to take my 10pm daily dose of Lantus at… 4am? Oh no, that can’t be right. Has anyone else had to deal with this?

Also, any good diabetic items in UK pharmacies that they don’t carry in the US that I should check out (I have a odd obsession with stuff like that)? Sadly, I don’t think I can fill my suitcase up with several litres of Robinson’s No Sugar Added drink mix (kinda like concentrated liquid drink mix that you water down… really good).

You can get yourself into a knot by trying to adjust the quantity and timing of shots to account for losing/gaining time. The easiest way to handle it, IMO, is to simply adjust your watch as you cross time zones, and continue to take the same amount of Lantus at the same time. Be sure to test regularly and to do what it takes to counteract rises or falls in your blood sugar level. But in my experience, the effect is minor.