Damn Insurance Companies

Stating to get really emotional about trying, and trying to get health insurance for the past 15 years. Only to be denied every single time. I feel like nobody cares, and the people who need this insurance the most and they’re lives depend on it, cannot get it! It hurts and boggles my mind that the insurance companies deny anyone with a pre-existing condition. Sorry I am on a soapbox about this, but I am sooooo angry. I have tried to be in the Missouri health pool, and it is something like $800 a month and covers no diabetes related meds or doctor visits for about a year. Dan has been really supportive about my rants on how I can’t get insurance. I would love to know if anyone else is going through this problem, or feels the same way! Please leave me a message or rant of your own! We have to do something about this! ARGGGGGHHHHHH!

That is absolutely 100% complete madness! I cannot believe there are insurance companies out there who will deny someone with a pre-existing condition, diabetes none the less! I have been blessed that my insurance has covered me 100% along the way, as I was diagnosed on my 20th birthday :frowning: Not a great experience, but it sounds like you need some serious help! I have Northeastern Blue Cross Blue Sheild, and they even covered my OmniPod, which very few insurance companies are participating with. The pump is absolutely amazing, don’t stop trying!!! Get those insurance companies to make some things happen! (The pump is fantastic, and I’ve experienced much better bg control, please let me know how everything turns out) I wish you the best, and hope everything goes well,

Thanks :slight_smile: