Will insurance company wonders never cease!

This is too good to keep to myself!

I buy insulin for my pump from Humana and every 90 days they screw up my refill order. The same way every 90 days. Without exception. I always use the chat feature to vent, mostly politely, and I always tell the chat person they need to pass my gripe along to whichever dept (billing, IT, etc) should care enough about quality to fix it, since they ALWAYS make the same mistake every time. And of course I never get any relief.

Well, wonder of wonders, tonight I got a personal phone call from a very nice chap who discussed all my issues nicely and very helpfully with me! :smile::smile::smile: I wish a couple of his explanations were slightly different but I do now understand and accept them and they do now understand what they’ve been doing wrong every 90 days! I can hardly wait to see if they actually stop making the same mistake, and finish fixing the most recent one, which they haven’t completely repaired.

But I did want to share with you all that sometimes, even dealing with an insurance company, things do land butter side up! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Your toast is still on the floor though


C’mon man, all I wanted to do was say something positive about an insurance company. What was wrong with that!?

Just sayin

Sometimes you need to bring attention to the same problem 50 times for it to be finally addressed.

Good for you!

I have actually had some nice conversations with various insurance companies over the years. One time the pharmacist in a chain drugstore refused to fill my strips prescription for 300/month, which I always got (pre-CGM, hypo unaware). He told me my insurance would only cover 100. I told him that was not true as I have been getting 300 forever. He went in the back a bit, came back out and said he called them and they said I could only get 100. I called my insurance and the woman I spoke to was fuming over it. She checked the records and said they had no call on record and that she could see the pharmacist never even attempted to put it through for 300, only submitted it once for 100. She said she was going to call them and I should go back in half an hour. I went back to the pharmacy and the guy practically threw the strips at me.