Daughter made me cry again

My two girls have a pretty good understanding of diabetes for a 3 and 4 year old, but some times I think they know to much. My 4 yr old the other day asked when she was going to get Diabetes. Talk about a smack to the face, my biggest fear is that my children keep up the diabetes family tradition. I had to explain to her (choked up) that I hope she never gets it. "But I want to be like you, Daddy" she repied. Told her thats the one way she should hope to not like me.
My hat goes out to you T-1 parents even more so to those who share T-1 with your kids.

It made my Mother cry when I took after her and became Type 1 Diabetic. I cry in the thought I will pass it down as well.

Yes, much admiration for the parents of Type 1 children. Strength and Love in abundance.

My oldest is A type 1 too. She's now 23. Thank both u and Robyn. It's sad to share it with ur children and I hope we don't have to share our Type 1 diabetes (my daughter & I) with any of the 3 of my g-kids but if we do we'll form a strong line for the g-kids.

My 3 yr old likes me to test her''s now and then. What they get a big kick out of is pushing the plunger when I take a shot.