Day 1 - OmniPod question

Last night was my son's first night on the OmniPod (with insulin). I was checking him throughout the night and all was well until about 12:50 a.m. with a 179 reading! I had checked him at 11:45 and he was at 124. I made our usual 1 1/2 unit correction which very slowly brought him down throughout the night. He woke up at 137, which for some is high, but I was very happy with (since we have been battling DP for months now).

SO ... wait one more night to see what happens or make a midnight basal change/increase on the PDM?? DR wants us to wait 2 days before we call her (unless something crazy happens).

I think I would wait one more night before changing his basal rate.

How is he liking the new "toy"?

Did your doctor set your basal rates? If so contact them again before changing anything. But it sounds like normal dawn phenomenon at work here. And yes, 1 hour can make a big difference. Plus, you also have to think of what he ate that night, as different foods can all have very different affects.

All in all though, 179 is not that bad. If it were 300 I'd be worried. But still it would be nicer to have it lower at night, so talk with your Doc about adjustments.

I think I remember reading in Gary S's (forget his last name,)book, Think Like a Pancreas, that a scary movie raised his BS. Maybe a scary dream? I'd absolutely wait. It could have been a delayed rise from some fat in what he ate at dinner or before bed. Good luck....he is so lucky to have you looking out for him.

I would wait at least one more night. You don't want to make changes based on an isolated blip on the radar (I have been guilty of that many times:X). Wait and see if a pattern develops and then discuss it with the doctor, CDE or whoever set your basal rates.

Wahoo! Congrats on going live! Yup, figuring out all those basal rates are a real pain in the rear. I'll echo the previous posters and say that getting a few days worth of consistent data will be much more helpful in making the adjustments to the basal rates. It took me 2 weeks or so when I started on the omnipod. All in all, it sounds like the first day went ok. How does Kyle like it?

So far he likes it. :)

He only ate a 6 carb snack before going to bed because he was at 137. But, like a few have mentioned, it could be many things ... I'm thinking that early DP showed it's ugly head! LOL BTW I need to get that book.

Yes, his endo. came in and gave the "orders" to the CDE from Insulet - she helped us set up everything. We ate dinner at 6:00, so that is a bit late for me to blame it on his meal. I think it may have been DP... his CGM was reading 170 with an up arrow (179 when I tested him), so I know he was climbing & I'm glad I caught it. Crazy how this all works!

It went better than I thought it would. I was SO worried we'd have crazy highs and lows, but nothing that we couldn't easily manage. I guess he likes it... he really didn't mind MDI, but understands how important it is for us to be able to get this DP under control. Once we get back to our normal routine and he doesn't have to "hide" in public to give himself injections I think he's really going to like it.

Congratulations! I would have delayed starting on the OmniPod until AFTER the holiday weekend. We delayed my start until after Christmas & New Year’s so that support was available, if anything went wrong. I would have expected similar levels of caution with children.

Also, the changes that holidays bring make it difficult to set appropriate or stable basal rates.

We are on Spring Break all this week. I didn't want him going to school without a good week of training under his belt. His endo. is in the office all week and our CDE from Insulet is available all week and said she could even come to our house if we need her. Trust me, I made sure! LOL And, not that Easter isn't a big deal for us, but my son has never been a big candy eater ... he eats more hard boiled eggs than candy at Easter even before being diagnosed. Crazy, right?! :)

It’s not just chocolate. Playing more, waking up & going to bed at different times all contribute.

I’m a teacher & I started with the OmniPod on Tuesday & wanted to cry on Wednesday. It was a lot to tweak & change. Now it will all change with the vacation!

I'm a teacher too! :) We have a set bed time (10 pm) and we wake up at the same time each morning (7:30 am). Not much change. He is doing all the same things he usually does ... as I am making sure. I even have him taking the dog for a short walk like he would be walking the halls during class changes. I thought this all through, but thanks for your input.

For me, it took a month or so to get all the settings tuned in. The CDE started with relatively conservative settings to be safe, and we slowly cranked it up.

Yes, we are doing the same thing. His endo. said within 3-4 weeks and we'd be off and running. lol :)

I would wait too. I usually wait for a pattern - do you have a CGM? That's the most helpful tool I have for figuring out these things. Followed by Gary Scheiner's book. I really highly recommend that especially now that you are pumping. Good luck - the Omnipod was a life changer for my son!

Yes, we have a CGM and I watched the same pattern last night. At just about 1 a.m. I see a slight rise. This time I didn't correct and waited to see what would happen. When his 3 a.m. higher basal rate kicked in it did bring him down just a little, but he woke at 166 this morning. Maybe I'll wait one more night and see what happens. But, even waking at 166 without me having to give him 2 corrections during the night (usually 1 1/2 units each time) is awesome!

Sounds like you have it all together! Glad it is working out.

It will take some tweeking to get your basal rates just right. My endo had me where a 3 day CGM to get an exact readout as to what my readings were during the night & day. She used those readings to fine tune my basals. Ive done this twice in 3 years and it really helps.