Day 5 6:20pm

So I skipped a day of blogging. Yesterday I felt pretty tired and blahky. Same routine of supplements,etc. I did manage to get a 2 mile walk in yesterday am which was nice. The weather was great and I felt pretty good, once I was home I started to feel tired again though. I’m beginning to think it’s my house making me tired (no we don’t have a carbon monoxide leak).
I do think that being at home alone during the day puts a drain on me in itself. I am an extrovert. Without other people around I tend to loose energy. So that’s part of it. I think another piece of it has to do with my sense of begin stalled out. I don’t do well in these places of limbo. I have studied quite a bit of mindfullness and intellectually “get” being in the moment is a much better place to be, but I haven’t been practicing that well lately. I also tend to want to hibernate in the winter time. All that, together with who knows what going on with my hormones, makes me a tired girl.

Today has been a little better. I was out of the house quite a bit more. I met with one of my daughters teachers and gave her some input on her “sexuality” curriculum. That fed a lot of my extrovert self as well as my love of health topics self. Later I met with each of my mentorees, which always feels good to do. I have been working with two middle school boys, each for a half hour a week, on academic support, organizational support, etc. Helping them see their strengths, develop tools, etc. I enjoy it. I think they do as well.

I did another two mile walk today. It was good weather again, some sun here and there. I have an application on my phone that allows me to track my speed and distance. It’s a pretty handy dandy thing. I ended up walking an average of 4.4 miles per hour, not bad for an out of shapie like me. Then I visited the library and checked out Spanish language learning tools. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. It will come in really handy in working with expectant families, moms and babies, etc. There are many Spanish speaking families around these parts. My oldest daughter, who is a highschool freshman, is taking her second year of Spanish right now. She is more than willing to help me. I’m hoping I can dedicate some time each day to learning.

As far as the cleanse goes I had a different shake this morning, pretty much the same idea as the other one but a different brand, and again for lunch. I had a handful of trail mix with dried fruits, nuts, and seeds a couple of times throughout the day then rice, broccoli, and two tiny bites of chicken for dinner. Really yummy.

I’ve felt much better energy wise this evening. I feel like my digestive system is getting pretty well cleaned out. I’m still drinking several cups of detox or nettle tea a day as well as water. Not really having any sugar or caffeine cravings.

That’s it for now.