Day 6 9:25pm

Took another walk today. My hips are really sore. Weak muscles from doing so much sitting.
Last night I did some yoga/stretching before bed. Ahhhh, that felt really good.
Today has gone pretty well. Still want to sleep most of the time when I’m at home, but I am finding it easier to motivate myself to do something else, like take a walk.
Not much else to report. Almost thru week 1, 1 week left to go. It’s been easier than I thought it would be to follow a whole foods approach. I am eating way, way, way less food and not feeling hungry much at all. I think I still need to up my activity level during the day. Get up off my keester and do some housework… argh. I am a terrible housewife.

And we search 'til we find
In this jungle of confusion
Something that reminds us how we love each other;
be strong and fight tis dirty desise, now walking is also getting burden,as we bonot have strength,.God bless us all

Housework is good exercise too :slight_smile: