Day 7

I am on day 7 of this sensor and just started it as new again tonight.

What is the longest you have kept the same sensor in and have gotten good readings from it?

This one started out poorly but has had improved readings the longer it has stayed in.

The longest for me with Dexcom has been about 21 days. I usually get at least 14 days with most sensors.

I haven’t gone longer than 14 days with any of my Dexcom sensors, but almost every one has lasted that long.

I have had mine in for 8 days and the readings were not accurate so I changed it out . I usually change it after 7-8 days .

Tracy, do you where a Dexcom? If you do, don’t take it out after it “dies.” Just tell it you put a new sensor in, even if you didn’t, and it will start over again. I usually get another week’s worth out of it.

I use the minimed and can rarley get more than 8 days . after the first 3 days I do just tell it new sensor but then after the next 3 days it needs charged .