Dexcom 7+ Sensor lifespan?

Having just started the Dexcom 7+ CGM on 9-2-09 I was wondering how long the sensors last? I know they are FDA approved for 7 days, however I ‘re-started’ mine after 7 days and it is still giving me good readings (knock on wood). Has anyone gone longer than 14 days, or is that even advisable? Thanks for your response.


Check the Dexcom users group. People report wearing them for a month or so, if I remember right. I think I once heard 45 days from somebody.

Thanks Melissa…I didn’t realize there was such a group. :slight_smile:

I use mine for 14 days, and if my glucose levels are very steady (a horizontal line on the monitor) I have worn them for as long as 21 days, but my experience is that their sensitivity degrades a bit after 14 days. Dexcom says they are most accurate after about 7 days and my experience confirms that.

My experience is similar to Olaf’s. I can wear one for 14 days, after which the readings become erratic.

It’s also difficult for me to keep it on much longer than 14 days without practically duct taping the sensor to my stomach.


I get 12 to 14 days out of each one. I have tried to push it past 14 days with sensor restarts but I think my body uses up all the chemicals that make it work.