Day 98 - Denying Diabetes

I'm sure that we've all gone through this - where we do not want to face that we are a diabetic and we do live within certain limitations. For example I find myself often injecting a large amount of insulin so that I can `pig out` denying the specificity of diabetes where everything that I eat is converted into nutrients for the body, but within injecting a large amount I am denying the specificity within being a diabetic

This is a great blog post! I plan to come back and read it again.
I agree 100 percent about Denying Diabetes since it's something I've been doing for the past 5 years and it's time for me to be recommitted.

Thank you for posting this!!

I felt as though I could relate to this blog post in many ways. I However, I think there is a middle ground between taking responsibility/admitting denial and taking too much responsibility. You tell yourself you are forgiving yourself, but I sense a harsh tone. Or, maybe it's that I think sometimes as diabetics, we expect perfection from ourselves. At least, I catch myself with this expectation.

The human experience is a never ending cycle of growth. I think that it is important to have patience and compassion for ourselves in our own personal evolution. Having diabetes may automatically sign us up for more responsibility than some folks, and with a lot on our plate, it takes time to get through all the muck that can easily build up on our mental and emotional selves.

I guess all I'm saying is, I'd love to see a post following this that details how you will include patience and compassion for yourself in your diabetes management and healing journey.

"Or, maybe it's that I think sometimes as diabetics, we expect perfection from ourselves. At least, I catch myself with this expectation." Yes, I have that expectation of myself as well. I suppose perfection in the sense of always keeping sugar levels between 4 and 8 is impossible - but to apply ourselves in doing what is best for ourselves as life is absolutely possible. When sugars are high the best thing is to understand how it got there, and to further understand the body and our relation to it.

Patience and compassion are what I am learning to apply with myself in my relationship with myself - I do have a tendency to be rough with myself placing high expectations on myself - so I am grateful for the suggestion to write a post on patience and compassion for myself and I will do that one tomorrow.

The mental self I am walking through day by day - though patience and compassion with myself is lacking -

Thanks for the comment, much appreciated

I like the idea that we have to forgive ourselves. We all do things which in hindsight we know are destructive. And in some cases we carry a burden of shame and guilt. We have to learn to forgive ourselves for this stuff or we will never really be happy.

I’ve been in denial for 27 years!