Day light savings?

What do you do for daylight savings with your basal dosing if you do that? I take 8 units at 7:30 pm and 2 units at 4-5 am. Should I do this an hour earlier or will this confuse my body?

Hi meee. My blood sugar was 200 until noon today -- no doubt I didn't get up early enough to treat my dawn phenomenon. I'm setting my alarm clock to get up at standard time tomorrow. If you figure out a good way to handle the change, please let me know!

Hi Trudy,
oh no :( sorry you went up...
I was ok in the morning, lately I am usually in the 110 area no matter what I do but I get up in the afternoon usually with my night schedule.
What I just did is I took the night basal 1/2 hour later, I think may have gone up due to something else though as I just had a hot flash.. I have to test to see. I'm usually up all night and I took the basal at 3:30 am, after I had a hypo from a snack and got back to the 70s, instead just in case.. I guess the morning basal has to be earlier if you go up then.
Let me know how the standard time works for you.. I am worried to take the basal at 3 am all the time because that is usually when I go hypo if I'm up snacking. I need to take less insulin for my snack then because lately I'm going hypo although I haven't in the past.

Your schedule sounds really complicated! I'm not going to stay on standard time. I think I'll just set my clock forward in 15 minutes increments after tomorrow, try to test a lot during the daytime. My usual method of handling the DP is to take one unit of Apidra as soon as I get up and test to make sure I'm not low. I'll be getting that unit 15 minutes later each day until I'm on daylight savings time. The dogs are driving me crazy -- their biological clocks are now an hour off!

Yes it is, I'm an night owl... especially now with D because I'm afraid of hypos so staying up I can test and see if all is ok. I think that sounds like a good idea to change slowly.. lets compare notes and see what happens...:)

I usually take a unit of novolog along with my basal before going to sleep if I had a hypo and took sugar to go up so I don't go too high later. when I don't have a hypo and do that I wake up higher. I think I'm having some insulin resistance and my basal is unstable because I need more fast acting now for meals and corrections...

Hopefully your dogs will adjust, I don't think my cats have even noticed, lol.

I'm going to make a wild guess and say the next few days will be very confusing, prob. for both of us! About basal, I take Levemir which works very well for me. My nightly dose of 3 1/2 units has a peak between 2 & 3:00AM, which works out just right. Since I make a little insulin between noon and 4PM, I take one unit of Levemir in the morning (along with one unit of Apidra for DP), 2 units of Levemir at 2:30PM. Since everything is going to be off by something up to an hour, I see nothing but confusion! Comparing notes should be interesting...

I think you're right...

That is confusing to take the basal that much, but you can set your phone to remind you which is what I do now... I was thinking to switch to Levemir because I seem to be gaining weight on lantus, without eating more. Or I guess it could be the fasting acting too... lantus seems to run out in the early morning for me and then again in the late afternoon most of the time... and if I don't eat eggs in the morning I go high from whatever I eat..

Im' going to start symlin next week prolly and I'm very worried about lows with that though... I had a high of 200 due to huge air bubble in my novopen 3 days ago and I have been bouncing around a bit since that so dls will not help for sure... I'm also fighting off a virus I think, so it could be partly that too.

lets see what we end up with... I want to try degludec when it is approved- I hope that will keep me more stable....

Are you taking a split dose of Lantus? For most people, it really doesn't last for 24 hours. When I took Lantus I didn't gain weight, but it gave me a constant headache. It sounds like a good idea to switch to Levemir, at least for a trial, but it absolutely requires a split dose.

My cell is so out of date, I don't think it will alarm. However, I set alarm clocks, oven timers, and sometimes even remember the Levemir doses on my own!

Yes I am on a split dose now for a few months and I stay more stable that way.. I take 8 units at night and 2 in morning... I see my endo next week and I will ask him about Levemir then... I was kind of hoping Degludec would be available but it was just rejected by the FDA, so hopefully it will be approved soon. Maybe that will keep me more stable and not gain any more, I am an ok weight now, back to what I was before DKA but I don't want to gain more.

Alarms are a must for me too as I will never remember... my phone is a life saver for me... I couldn't live without it now... lol

I haven't done shots since 2008 but my plan for DST has always been to switch at like 9:00 the night before, just get it over with and start the day ahead of time.

I have to admit, I don’t do anything… I just roll with the change and let the chips fall where they may. It’s what I’ve done for 17 years, never seemed to be a problem.

you don't really have to do anything differently, just use the same times. i too dose twice, am & pm, it's long acting, ah hour here of there won't mess up anything, really. I often do my shots within an hour or hour & 1/2 timeframe. makes no difference really.

thanks everyone, so far it seems ok I took the am at 3:30 am instead of 4-5 am and the night at 8pm. I've only started taking my basal at night on a stricter schedule because I tend to go up at night so earlier was better. the am dose I had more leeway. that is what I did, my phone had already switched over at 12 am though so I started then.. so the morning basal was earlier..

It's definitely going to mess with our bodies, and is going to make people late for work among other things. But rest assured we'll have a steady supply of high fructose corn syrup and that the farmers will still have an hour to run errands.

lol- the high fructose corn syrup is high on my list of concerns! I hate daylight savings...

I shift my shots gradually. The first in the morning by 1/2 hour and the next at night by another 1/2 hour.

Me too. I just can't understand it, and believe it really does disrupt people's lives.

But yeah, I don't really change anything as far as shots go. Pretty much everyday is different anyway.

Never really given it much thought. I still haven't changed my pump. Thanks for reminding me.

I didn't give it a thought at all.. But thanks for reminding me to change the time on my pump. If my blood sugar is a little high or low because of the time change and the basal rates, I will just adjust as I go for the next couple of days