Day to day with diabetes

It's a major change to your life. After 4 years of being a type 1 diabetic I still find myself struggling from day to day to check my sugar and take my shots. Am i in denial?? I am tired all of the time, depressed, and finding myself having a hard time to stay focused. Also, my energy level has really taken a dive in the last year, there are so many things i want to do but i just cant find the energy to do them anymore. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I was kind of getting into a hole, taking "extra" insulin to prevent highs, (overcorrecting) vs the lows, running up and down all the time. Starting to work out regularly in 2006ish helped me a lot as I enjoyed exercising (Tae Kwon Do and walking at first, then biking, now running and lifting and pushups!) and needing to see ahead got me tuned in to wanting to take control of my BG because I don't want to miss a [insert activity] because my BG is yutzed up. I also have "work arounds" for various scenarios but most of the time, I seem to do ok keeping things in line and floating steady. Exercise has been proven to make you feel better, particularly if you can get into some greenspace. That'd be my recommendation.

Have your thyroid checked. Thyroid problems are common with diabetes, and cause some of the symptoms you describe.

Thanks Acid,

I know i have to push myself to start exercising. I work 6 days a week and most of the time long hours. But i def am going to set some goals this weekend!!

Will do Mega, Thanks for the advise!!

Working long hours is a HUGE barrier but if you can take 20 minutes and walk around the block or whatever, get some fresh air, see plants or the sky, a sunset, etc. it makes me feel better, maybe it can work for you. It definitely makes my BG jiggier, in a good way!

Don't underestimate the power of denial and depression. Both are quite common for people dealing with a chronic illness. Especially diabetes, 24/7, it never stops. I was in denial/depression for about 10 years after my initial diagnosis. None of my physicians ever even brought it up. But definitely get your thyroid checked, vitamin D level and VitB12 levels.

All fantastic suggestions, Chad. I will add one more: therapy. After 40 years of type 1, I just got so down in the dumps. Therapy was recommended and I balked. Finally, I thought I had nothing to lose, so I tried. I found a therapist who treated people with cronic illness. It only went 7 or 8 times, but she helped me see another side of all this. She was also a Type 1 and had the same pump.

I highly advise this, along with the other suggestions.

I was in denial, depressed and anxious for years.What you described are some of what I felt. It took my new specialist who I was told about only a few months ago to show that he cared to finally get me on the right track. I would never test my sugars and guess what insulin I needed but from the day I left the doctors office I started bit by bit to help myself. Nothing to daunting. Everyday I started to test a bit more. Now it's like a game to me. If I get a good reading it makes me feel happy. If it's a bad reading I am glad I have caught it and hope for the next reading to be better. I never thought I would pull myself out of my denial but I have.Finally... I still have my why me this sucks days but everyone does. Atleast they don't get me as down as they used to because I know I am trying. Maybe you could start off with small steps? Maybe you can increase your testing bit by bit. Baby steps definitely helped me.

It can be a trip having to admit to ourselves and those around us that we are human after all and not as perfect as we think we should be. I heard something once that I think carries a lot of weight...."We like our friends for their strengths but we love them for their weaknesses."

You're not alone brother. it's not denial, diabetes is a life changer in a major way. you have to stick to a plan to control your blood sugar. It sucks. there are good days and bad weeks, there are good weeks and bad weeks. I am type 2, so they tell me, and I exercise, eat clean and work hard to keep it all under control. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times. my healthcare team sucks big time and I have had improper medical care since day one. So it gets overwhelming. Feeling stressed, down and in a funk at times is normal and on par for the course. Stay strong man. Get outside, go for walk or run. I know it sounds cliche, but it helps. If you are doing everything right then there is nothing more you can do. Even Lemmy of Motorhead was diagnosed with Diabetes and felt it was all over. Keep going keep fighting man.

Thanks bro, i really appreciate the words of encouragemnet!! My healthcare team just dropped me because i was not complying with the doctors rules..Nice huh ..Man i look forward to getting on here everyday and chatting with people who share the same feelings i do , its really been helping me out so far!! Did not know Lemmy was diabetic...ha learn something new everyday LOL

No problem man, people with diabetes need to look out for each other because no one will. There is such a stigma about having Diabetes. Like "oh you eat too much junk food" or "oh you are too fat". Funny thing is I was not fat or obese by a long shot. So, having this disease is hard all around and is completely misunderstood by people, which makes it harder.
As far as Lemmy goes, it shocked me too. And, the guy still drinks Jack everyday and smokes like a chimney. According to him "it's too late to change my ways". LOL. Stay strong man

I ride scooters, and it has always been good medicine for my soul. I have been to New Smyrna many times...a couple of times a year they have a small meet-up just up the road...;-)

This is my blues eraser.....I refuse...Bete's will not be part of my legacy...After all there still is a way to have some fun.

I don't think you're depressed because you say there are so many things you want to do but you don't have the energy. With depression I just lost interest in everything and that took my energy, but maybe you just need to get your energy sorted. Get your bl tested for b12 and take ginseng, I took it for short term boosts. Gosh can't believe Lemmy is D, I hope he doesn't crash altogether. Great bike John

Nice!!!! I'll have to meet up sometime.... Nice ride too!!!