Aren you sleepy?

Hi everyone,
I am a T1 and recently have been more tired than normal. My blood sugar has not been as tightly controlled as before. I also work in a shop which can be physically exhausting sometimes so I dont exercise that often. So I dont know if exercising more will help(im sure it will) or if this is just part of being diabetic? I seem to be fine at work but when I get home at night i tend to get really tired. Any info???

When my blood sugar is higher than 250-300 than I get really really tired. But that symptom can vary from person to person. Also when my blood sugar goes really high to a really low a couple times a day that can really make me tired also.
It’s not that uncommon. The better your numbers are the more normal you will feel.

Get your thyroid checked. Fatigue (like you just CAN’T get enough sleep) is a pretty common symptom of being hypothyroid.

Its interesting you say that, I have been feeling that way for about a year. I ended up changing my schedule around (luckily my work is flexible and I can do that), so now I get up super early (5:30 ish) and get home from work earlier so I can exercise in the afternoon. I don’t know if it has to do with the Dawn Phenom, natural body clocks, or what, but it seems my new system helped a little. Do you notice anything about your days that are worse or better? Maybe there is something you haven’t noticed yet.