DBlog Week 2015, Day One

Not a good day. Had laser surgery on my good eye in hopes of keeping it good. I’ve had this exact treatment in this eye before and walked away with no problem. Today that wasn’t the case. the treatment left me in a lot of pain. the pain just grew and grew, my eye was tearing profusely, my nose running like mad. I got nauseous, and not long after I got home I puked my guts up. I took a Hydrocodone pill and slept until just now. Still feeling the pain and very mild nausea. Sad part is I was so looking forward to writing a blog post for day one of Diabetes Blog Week; that ain’t gonna happen.

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I’m so sorry to hear this, Tamra. If you haven’t already, please contact your doctor.

I’m feeling much better today. :smile:


I’m glad to hear that. Take care.