Dblog week for May 11th, "Your Biggest Supporter,"

This weeks D-Blog topic, “Your Biggest Supporter,” is actually quite fitting since I wanted to write about my mom. I’ll also be translating this post in Spanish since I know it would mean a lot to my mom, but i’ll be placing that on the Spanish tudiabetes site along with my blog site. My Spanish writing needs work but oh well.

There are truly not enough words or phrases to describe how amazing I think my mom is. I think if I am half the person she is, then I consider myself blessed.

I asked my mom about the day I was diagnosed with diabetes and how it all took place. She explained that she noticed I was always really tired, woke up with headaches and had dark shadows under my eyes. She thought to herself “something is wrong with my child, I can feel it.” She remembers one Halloween that I had eaten some candy and that the next day I got really sick, so that just added to the list of things that she noticed was wrong with me. She took me to the doctor, had all the bloodwork done but the doctor said I was fine. She insisted “are you sure its not anemia or something, somethings wrong with her,” but he just blew her off. My mother followed her instincts and went for a second opinion, even my dad sided with the doctor and said that there was nothing wrong with me, that “you worry too much.”

The day my mother took me to see another doctor, she had a dream that she had this big black scorpion on her back, that she couldnt remove it for the life of her, she said it was indication of the cross she was about to bear.

So the bloodwork came back and the doctor asked my mom to take me to the hospital to have some more tests done just to be sure. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with diabetes, my sugar was about 680.

The endocronoligst that saw me at the hospital was the director of his department, he was leaving for El Salvador that day so he explained to my mom that I was not to leave the hospital until he returned. My mother stayed by my bedside in the hopsital for 21 days. This amazing woman would not leave my side. I cant even imagine how tired she must of been, dealing with the nurses coming in and out of my room every couple of hours to test my sugars, she was sleeping on a chair, since they didnt have a bed for her. She did everything she could to make sure I was being taken care of.

As I got older, I was able to learn to take my own shots and do things for myself, this is where I completely lost control of my diabetes since I did not care at all, but every single night for a good 15 years my mom would ask “did you take your shot” I always said yes.

The suffering I put my mom through is unbelieveble, but she always managed to keep a postive attitude. My mother has a very interesting background and the things she has been through would amaze you, for her to be as level-headed and sane as she is, is beyond me. I dont know where I would be if I didnt have her support, I love her more than I could ever put into words. The faith and strength I have for certain situations all come from my mom. The thought of not having my mom around always brings me to tears.

If it weren’t for my mothers persistance on having me checked out, I would not be here today.

The D-OC (Diabetes Online Community) is now a huge part of my life and I thank you all for your wonderful support, so dont you worry, a big thank you post will be coming your way shortly. I just had to express how much my mother means to me, Id give an arm, a leg, an eye, a heart for this woman without hestiation. Be sure to thank anyone who supports you and helps you cope, they deserve it for all the emotional abuse we put them through.

I love you Mom.