Whynot me? Because I can

I was sitting at the table at my paren’ts place the other day for supper and i took out my monitor and checked my blood etc. It’s not the first time my mother has said this but she looked at me and said in a sort of sad voice, “I wish it was me that had diabetes”. My mom is an amazing woman and I know that she could control diabetes jsut as well, probably better than i can, but all i said was, “Whynot me? I can do this.” Then i realized that I’m pretty good at making my mother cry because she burst out into tears and hugged me and told me how strong I was. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it again. I don’t know what kind of person I would be if i didn’t get diabetes but I know that it wouldn’t be near the person I am right now because of it. My mother was still crying so I looked at her jokingly and said, “I wish you had it too.” She laughed and called me an ■■■■■■■. Then everything was good. Anyway i just figured i’d share that little story to anyone who cares to read it.

My mom died before I was diagnosed but I imagine she would have reacted just like your mom. Moms are amazing people and she obviously raised you right!!

LOL!! What a cute story. It sounds like you and your Mom have a Good relationship. That’s Nice to hear. Thanks for sharing it and making us smile, Billy.

Love your mother. She raised a wonderful son.

My mom has said the same thing. Told her that what I was giving her for her birthday, but couldn’t decide how to wrap it.

Would Mom Williamson like to adopt me ??

What a beautiful moment! Thanks for sharing Billy!

You can be so proud you have a mom like you have and thank you for sharing it. Savor the moment like a fine wine man! One of the greatest gifts we have is time; time to have these intimate moments in life’s journey…

Your story made me smile. And I really like your attitude towards having diabetes.

LOL! You ARE an a**hole - but in a good, endearing way. This story is going to keep me smiling all day long. It’s great to have a mom nearby who is not only willing to take on all of your burdens, but in the very next second call you an ■■■■■■■. She nurtures, but she’s no doormat. Fantastic.


Thanks for the wonderful comments guys:) I actually never really expect too many on any of my blogs as they are just ramblings mostly, but thanks again. I’m smiling at my desk right now.

I vote you retell this one at open mic night for diabetics!

I vote that your Mom adopts Nel. =)

That’s what everybody with diabetes should say! Why not us?