Dead in Bed Syndrome

How I feel this title might have came about.

Scientist 1: Hey why don't we give a name to that thing that could happen to diabetics when they sleep...
Scientist 2: You mean when a diabetic passes away in the night?
Scientist 1: Yea...
Scientist 2: Ok well lets make sure its not to scary or to dramatic sounding... hmmm lets see?
Scientist 1: OH ! Hey! How about NIGHT-TIME-DEATH!!!
Scientist 2: Scientist 1! thats to over the top! HOW BOUT DEAD-IN-BED-SYNDROME!
Scientist 1: YES! Thats Genius!

Ok as you can tell I feel this title was a little over board for this (not so new) medical case? What are your thoughts on the choosing of this title?

And yes I understand how series this is, I'm not making fun of or focusing on the actual dead bed syndrome itself - but the title.


Well a lot of medical terms (for me) are hard to pronounce or even if I can, I have no idea what it means. Dead Bed Syndrome might sound offensive but at least it’s simple and gets to the point.

It’s rather generic, because it could also refer to SIDS. Besides, isn’t it “dead in bed?” “Dead bed” sounds like your bed died.

It IS “Dead IN Bed”. Not meaning to laugh ,capri, at a very serious subject, but my bed must have died,just now, as I found I could not stay in it at 3:45 a.m. ( and I am ROTFL)

I am just glad it was not my “cooling board” an old southern term that refers to the wooden slab that corpses were laid out on in preparation for wakes that sometimes took place in the home.

Seriously,though, I am hoping that research will take place to determine what heart mechanisms influence the DIB and SIDS syndromes.Many people with diabetes have severe lows at night, but they do not die…I read somewhere that heart arrythmias may have a correlation with DIB. Not known if it is congenital, preventable, yet.

God bless,


editing it now thanks lol :slight_smile:

and thanks for your thoughts everyone!

I first heard those words long before I developed diabetes. They were used about a friend who died in bed. She didn’t have diabetes, she had epilepsy . There was no sign of a seizure, she hadn’t actually had a seizure for years and it was a complete shock to everyone. As with DIB syndrome ,it isn’t understood and there is some suggestion that it too may be caused by heart arrythmias When I googled it though I found it has a different official name: SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy). At least its meaning is clearer…