I was wondering if anyone has had issues with specific deadlines limiting their use of disability services on a college campus (or high school).

I tried to register with the disability services on my campus in order to get early course registration access because one of my conditions (not diabetes related) has worsened and I now find it necessary that I have this as a service.

But I couldn’t obtain this service because the deadline is on Monday and didn’t give me enough time to process my application. I was told there is no other way to do this, so I just won’t be able to use that service until next year.

I’m not sure how they can limit me on my use of the services just because I wasn’t sick enough to apply for disability previously.

Anyone dealth with this? Anyone empathetic? It’s really upset me considering I can’t help my condition and I really need this service to make my life easier and stay healthier longer.

I know its been a long time but… I’m confused. If you’re still around, what deadline did you miss?

At any time during the semester, a student with a disability should be able to identify his or her condition to the appropriate person at the institution, submit necessary documentation, and request permission to use a specific accommodation or adaptive device to access the same environment, curriculum, and testing offered to folks without the condition. That’s the goal anyway. For instance, it wouldn’t be kosher for the college to say you could only apply for services the first week or month of the semester.

Maybe you meant you requested an accommodation that you already had general approval to use, but didn’t meet the time deadline for setting the process up. For instance, a student with approval to set up proctored testing in a private space with additional time, as s/he deems necessary, is usually required to let the department that administers accommodations know at least 24 hours in advance so they have adequate time to coordinate an appropriate testing space and staff.

Take care!