Dealing with Neuropathy

Hi, I am Crystal been a diabetes since November 18, 1988. I was only 13 years old. I currently 35 years old and diabetics has help me to faces dilemma in my life. But, also give me grief that I do not wish on no men or women in this world. Neuropathy has been involved in my left since September 1996. “DAMAGE TO BOTH OF MY LEGS FROM PELVIS TO THE TIP OF MY TOES, OVER 100’S NERVES ENDING DAMAGE.“ . I woken from my sleep on my way to school, I thought my legs was with me in my mind , but they did not responded. I try to do everything to be able to move. I was carried to hospital in Chicago IL , where they told me that I had Neuropathy damage in my nerves system. My first response to the Doctor was “ WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO CURE IT ? “ I was told that I can not cure it due to fact the nerves are damage. As, time moved on I was diagnosis with Neuropathy in both of my arms. “ DAMAGE TO BOTH OF MY ARMS FROM WRIST JOINT TO UPPER ORIGINS OF SHOULDERS:“. The year of SEPTEMBER 2004 . I was at a lowest point in my life , I cried because of able not understanding why I had did I have to deal with the chronic pains, I was having with diabetes . I was angered with pain and fear of not knowing what should I do to help myself .To be able to deal with the pain I was suffering with . These day’s, was day I would never fought. I deal with the chronic pains that comes from having Neuropathy with faith in the Lord, first of all then I processed in trying to keep asking question about the stages that my diabetes has token me too. The next thing I do is cry because the pains are sneak it pop up in your head. Like a nightmare , different parts of my body parts hurt at redeem times. Example : Such my shoulder will begin to hurt then my right angle then my knees all at the same time. I found out the use of pillows to place under the spot that hurt help, the numbness is something totally different. You have to move the origin of the pain and keep moving it though out the whole time period of the pain, and a lot of covers with warmth. But , remember the use of “HEATING PAD CAN BURN THE SKIN” So I advise a ordinaly house whole dryer to warm the blankets and loving person to keep warming them up and applying them to the origin of pain help much so , but do not relived fast but in time it do help. The problem is that is happen to you are something out of your control . So you must be able to face the fact that you are not able to control it to be able to deal with “NEUROPATHY DAMAGE OF ANY KIND”. The pain that we deal with is a mind game in many factors.

How are you doing now?

Oh wow Crystal. I am praying that you are doing better.

Hello, Crystal.

I sure hope you are doing much better. I hae not posted in years. What brought me back? I am also in a lot of pain. Tops of my feet, elbows, shoulder and thigh. As I write this, my right hand is going numb. So many questions, but I need to wait for my neurological appointment at the end of September for, possibly, some answers.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope to hear that managing your pain is easier now.


Hi, everybody! I know rite have not been on the site ( TuDiabetes) in a very long time. I guess when you get side tract, with dealing with issues that you forget all the help you have along the way.Meaning, one doctor appointment then an another then another, then finally you come across a student doctor ( Your doctors ? lmao)that give advice on a medical level(lmao). Simple did you try this(healthier eatting habits) try this (exercise) try this (a new dosage in meds/or try a new med)try this ( communicate with different people about your people). What do you say? I recently: I told all types of medical field personnal that : (I thought to myself then started laughing/then I apolize for hurting their feelings ( cause they was truly concern)/and being professional to their best ability)NOT AROUND ME! LIFE IS TO SHORT TO BE SO SERIOUS ALL THE TIME, YES A DOCTOR OFFICE. (SIMPLE PAY ATTENTION). As, I explain my action for laughing I told the doctors that dealing and helping with diabetese is a big different issues. One you can help even if you have or do not have.Secound if you truly understand the concepts and explanation of theory, ( we all come to the same point) diabetes is a dangerous and undefine condition behind alot of theory.)I am tried of the theory of diabetes and con and porcon of diabetes.If you fellow the guideline and advice of trillion people with diabetes and people who made your disease a profession (Doctor's), with and without still no one can help the body damage from diabetes. That Sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What current in my health issue the statement above an addition : More dosages,more Student Doctors & Doctors , more tests with no sign of new illness ( God is in control), more helpful Doctors and strangers you meet along the way ( hallways, waiting rooms, emergency rooms, eleavtors,parking garages and lots, these are just example of many places at a doctor's appointment you meet people and you begin to talk about " Everyday Living", then finally one Doctor have a brainstorm and come up with the bigger picture. Not knowing that he figure out the problem and had given you an answer, but to treat you for Nerve damage and the different type of nerve damage. LMAO! ( to help with the pain will be a year to this up coming summer in late May early summer.)Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)my additional nerve damage. What we are doing : walking boot, crutches, walker, laying down, doctors appointment,labs,tests,mri,xrays,all types of specialitly clinics & numours devices (lumbar spinal treatments,oral medication,nerve blocks and now spine cord stimulators. HOLD ON THIS IS TO MUCH TO DEAL WITH ! ( GOD WILL TELL US WHEN WE ARE FINISHED AND THE JOB IS DONE! SO KEEP MOVING ON WITH YOUR PROBLEMS AND DO NOT LET IT GET YOU DOWN. I AM NOT DOWN FOR THE COUNT ! STILL KICKING AND WORKING HARD TO LIVE!) WHAT BEEN GOING ON IN YOUR LIVES?

Greetings, Crystal, and all! Dwayne, here!
My diabetes was diagnosed in 1990. I resisted the doctors' advice to start insulin for the first 3-years; because I knew that insulin-resistance runs in both sides of my family ... both of my sisters were managing their diabetes reasonably well, until their doctors put each of them on insulin; right away the insulin-resistance took hold, and their lives have grown steadily worse ever since. Within the first year of my insulin-use, the insulin-resistance took hold. My younger brother is the smart one - no matter what his diabetes does, he absolutely, resolutely refuses to use insulin; he has told his doctor emphatically that he will refuse insulin, no matter what. And he has explained why - about the genetic predisposition towards insulin-resistance; and how that insulin-resistance has reacted within his 3 older siblings.

I will share more personal posts about what neuropathy has done to me, in the near future; but I have a (pain-filled) life, outside of cyber-space; and I need to run some errands. Peace, Hope, & Blessings to you all! Dwayne

Hi everybody, it me Crystal. I know I have not been online in long time, just been dealing with a lot and learning to accept a lot of different changes in my life. I have been diagnosis with CRPS choric regional pain syndrome , still have neuropathy damage. Just more pain meds add to my system. But dealing with it, the battle is not over yet. Big smile. How is everybody else doing?

Hi Crystal
I sinsierly hope you are doing much much better. living with pain is something I also had to and still am learning how to do... Im a type1 was diagnosed at the age of 5 and today Im 28, suffering from neuropathy for the last 7-8 yrs.
Im afraid I dont have any special tricks and tips for us, but i urge you to keep the faith- in whatever makes you better and gives you some relief.
my thoughts are with you

Hey Ms. Crystal...I have a much loved husband who recently suffered DKA. He is suffering from great neuropathy and very sensitive skin on his chest/breast bone area. He has had this pain since March. The endo. put him on cymbalta for neuropathy but this has not helped at all. I read your diag. of CRPS..and the description included a term ALLODYNIA which exactly describes his skin issue. Do you suffer from this and have you found any help from endo. or neurologist? I appreciate your faith in our loving God. This is what has got us through each day so far....and it is a daily battle. He has only seen an endo...waiting for neurologist appt. Thanks for any further advice.

I am doing ok, having up and downs in my life. But I try to keep my mind frame with a positive aptitude and accept life what it gives me and what I can give. How are you doing? I sometime pull back to myself. But I love to chat with people and talk about life. Everybody need someone to talk to. Looking forward in chatting with you again.

Yes, I am doing better, I have learn that everyday is different and you have learn to adapt with the situation for that day. So yes I am doing better. I love to have new experience in my life, so I look forward in the next day. Some are better and other but I still learn something everyday. How are you doing ? Looking forward in talk to you in the near future.

Hey, how are you doing? I hope you are doing better. As for me I have been doing a little better as everyday keep going you have to keep faith. I made a small game out of the situation, for example: today is one of them days when I feel like crap, so what do I do , I first think and say do I feel like playing this game today (LIFE), why not then REALITY KICK IN: cause I move (Ochh)I cried and scream then I laugh (lmao)why cause I was told to laugh at the liveD (turn the liveD around and it's spells, I am person or being my choice not to say his name) as I continue to try to get dress for a simple day of life, I start to figure out how am I going to get my clothes off and then ( O'Boy like my father say when there is a problem lol)so I start off breathing all hard then I decide to get a plan together to overcome the obstacle at present. So I played twister! lmao! You have to look for the brighter side. It pays off as time go bye. Hope I made you smile a little bite.

Looking forwarding chatting with you ! About your history dealing with your health issues as while as your family. I have not know many people in my life that deal with insulin-resistance. I am very interested in finding out more about how you and your sibling deal and cope with the different changes. take care.

Surprise you did have so knowledge to share: when you stated that I'm afraid ,but I urge you to keep the faith- in whatever makes you better and gives you some relief my thoughts are with you. See I had to learn that, I truly did not know what to say to myself at the time when all this was going on. Now I can truly say to you and everybody else I have learned that we must keep moving on. Even so that we wake up every morning and go to sleep every night, everything in between we are still live. Now we have something to do, no matter how big or small.

Hi and tell your husband to keep the faith, for one, I have learned to keep my mind as it always has been, even so that the pain is unimaginable. I do understand please explain that to him. People of everyday life and people of medical field keep telling me this. breathe relax clam down, it made me more mad, but one day I decided to think out my problem my imaginable pain: I first wrote down all the pain I had. then I wrote down all the doctors I have seen, then I ask my general doctor one question do you know or have you seen a person like me. once the doctors realize that I have an idea that they did not know. we became one. some doctors will try to the best of their knowledge in dealing with our problem. but they must first realize that you are the one that dealing with the unimaginable pain.

I went the University of Chicago 1801 West Taylor Street, Chicago IL .. Here the Doctors, Nurses and staff have seen people like me and your husband. Many tests, Many doctors, many idea, many plan, many treatments, many times wanting to give up, I am not going to sugar coat it a hard battle and I still have not won. but I am still not giving up. Looking forward from hearing from you .
and your husband