Do you have neuropathy? Introduce yourself here!

Foot pain, numbness, nerve pain, does anyone else know what I’m going through? Yes, we do!

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy? Foot pain that is bilateral or symmetrical, in both feet. Pain that is worse in the evening or at night. Foot pain that does not improve significantly with traditional pain meds (anti-inflammatories, narcotics) or with orthotics.

Hello! My name is Rickie…Ive been diabetic for 12 years, it started with gestational ( my 3rd child) and only went away for a short time, just to come back full blown type 1 diabetic. It wasn’t a problem for me as I grew up around it due to my stepfather being type 1 diabetic. Until I had developed other autoimmune conditions tipping towards being labeled as polyglandular as I do have severe vitiligo ( yeah the same as Micheal Jackson is suppose to have) that I cosmetically cover. I then did not take my diabetes seriously, I in fact I became a diabulemic where I did not take my insulin just so I could lose weight…I was battling hypothyroidism and rapidly gaining weight , at the time I was desperate and getting quite disgusted with myself due to my weight…I am 5’2 and had gotten up to 220 pounds. I was angry that no Dr would take my hypothyroidism seriously. I had to push just so I could be treated with medication to lower my hypo levels, I went through three different Drs, within 3 yrs and was finally referred to and endo Dr who had gotten my hypo levels down from a 12 to a 1.5 :slight_smile:
I lost those years of my life struggling with diabulemia and untreated/under treated hypothyroidism.
I now have my life on tract and owe it to the endo Dr that saved me not only by correctly treating my hypothyroidism but re adjusting my insulin’s, diet and putting me back on tract with my diabetes. Happily I do not gain weight anymore now that my hypo is treated, I am not depressed anymore ( a symptom of being hypo). So now I am back to life and not a depressed sick zombie, however, I am paying for the past few years of neglect. I am suffering neuropathy in my left foot up to my knee…my left hand…even the top of my left ear. I take gabapentin which works miracles ( does cause weight gain, and I have noticed eyelid twiches).
My neuropathy does not get worse at night I take a gabapentin every 7 hours due to it wearing off…thats about 900 mg…thanks for letting me share!

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My neuropathy is painful but i dont take any medicine for it. Just trust in God who gives His complete healing. Remember, MAHAL NYA TAYO! (He loves us very much!)

my neuropathy is killing me every ady every night i cant take my medicines and im afraid that my daughter 13 yrs oln lovey with type 1 will experience neuropathy pero sabi niyo mahal tayo ng diyos

hi, friends what do you do if you dont have anything to take for your neuropathy ive been diabetic 17 years now but i cant sustain my medicines. i must take my insulin twice a day and oral medicines.

I noticed a burning feeling in the backs of my legs, in my upper calves, about 1 year ago. I had no idea what it was. It is in both legs and I would say it felt as if I had rubbed capsacin on this particular area. I did not know which doc to tell because to me it sounded like it was all my imagination and even I was skeptical that I was feeling something “real”. Anyway, it was confirmed that I have neuropathy. I have been on meds for it ever since. I had nerve conduction studies done on my hands and feet that turned out fine. I currently take Lyrica, Ultram & Cymbalta (which I am currently weaning off of) to address other on-going health issues. The only meds I take for my T1 is Novolog in my pump. It’s a lot to keep up with, especially since I also take supplements/ vitamins as well. My brain doesn’t function as well as it did 2 years ago and my memory has gone to the dogs.

Oh well, today IS A GOOD DAY! I am dressed, motivated, and ready to start my chores and day as a FULL-TIME stay-at-home Mom. I cannot let my health issues keep me down. :slight_smile:

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OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh pain! The idea that I can run over my foot with my scooter and not feel pain but feel the neuropathy til it drives me crazy is mind boggling!!! I am on Lyrica now but am weaning off due to complications of hands/feet swelling, fever, massive weight gain, extreme tiredness, pain in hands. My hands look with the Pillsbury DoughBoy!! I don’t know what’s going to happen when I get off Lyrica altogether. I’ve tried Neurontin, gabapentin, am on Cymbalta now. The feet feel like someone has a voodoo doll of me and is taking big long hat pins and shoving them in whenever I try to rest!!

What to do???

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

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Hi there. I have only had burning in the backs of my legs that they say is neuropathy. I have recnetly been weaning Off of Cymbalta and am now down to 30mg.,daily. But my new GP has increased my Lyrica by 50 mg pay day. I am now up to 200 mg per day. I have started having pains in my left hand mostly. Stiffness, sore, hurts in the joints. Is that what you would describe? I am right handed so it surprized me that this weird pain started- all of the sudden. My right hand is sore, but nowhere near the pain as I have in my left hand. Any thoughts?

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I have neuropathy in my feet but it has also moved up to my shoulder and the back of my neck. This will be the thing that finally breaks me because I just can’t see enduring 20 years of this. How can something be numb and still hurt like hell. I only take ibuprofen for now and will hold out with just that for as long as I can. I hate this lack of mobility.

Hi…I have had neuropathy since 2004. I have tried Lyrica and Gabapentin. I have also had nerve release surgery in my left foot/leg. For a while I didn’t take anything for the Neuropathy but for the last year I started having pain again. It seems to keep me up at night. I am now back on the Gabapentin.

Hey everyone. My name is Autumn and I, too have been diagnosed with severe peripheral neuropathy. I am only 33 years old and am devistated with this diagnosis. I have three school aged children that I need to be running after and tending to and I can’t. Today I had to pass up my son’s field trip to the zoo because I knew there was NO way I could be on my feet all day! I ran out of my Lyrica RX a couple days ago and boy did I pay for it last night! My sheets made my feet feel like nails, it was terrible. I know that I am not alone here but I am trying to find out what I can do to get rid of the numbness. My husband found a supplement for me online that is working pretty good, its called NeuropathyRX. If you want to email me I can give you the website. I take two in the AM and two in the PM. I also am taking cinnamon twice daily along with my regular scripts. So far I am noticing a difference but I am still not satisfied with the results.


Would like the site for the NeuropathyRX. BUT, there has been research that is casting a severe doubt on the benefits of cinnamon on diabetes. So far, no positive results for the wast of your money.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI
I just started my second bottle and had a lapse of about 12 days between the first and second bottle (due to payperiods) and I TOTALLY noticed a difference. Let me say this…my symptoms got MUCH worse for about a week to ten days before they started getting better. It was worth it though, I love this supplement and can’t imagine my days without it. I recommend it 110%.

I use Inositol and B-12 in addition with Cymbalta! Does anyone use any of these!
I’m afraid to use Lyrica because of all the side affects, especailly the weight gain. I have already gaine 80 pounds because of different medicines through out the years! Was on methadone for 9 1/2 years. Thank God my old doctor told me that it was killing people. So I went to a new doc. Who is not an endo. However he is diabetic.And an internest. Very smart guy~And he took me off it. He told me I was on my way to a quick death! And to think I used to reccomend that stuff to people! Off of it for 3 years now!

I have just had a recent development since I started using my computer more. My feet swell up like balloons and the swelling will also include my legs after awhile. I kid you not when I say swell like a balloon. I saw my doctor who doesn’t feel it is life threatening but doesn’t have a clue as to why they are swelling so bad. I have had no change in diet or medication. Do any of you have this.

I’ve had Neuropathy for about 2 yrs my feet are numb and hurt all the time and I can’t find any shoes that will help even diabetic shoes don’t help. I do all I can do at work to bare the pain I’m on my feet about 6 hrs a day my Dr. says theres nothing she can do about it becaese it’s a part of being a diabetic.Can any one give me any suggestions that might help?


I am like that, too. For a whle, though, I bought Rockport shoes and they were the ONLY ones comfortable enough to wear. They aren’t cheap, though. Try it, you might like it. They are sold in shoe stores mostly in malls.

Lois La Rose

Great. I have a new nerve damage… GASTROPARESIS. It’s damage to my vagas nerve and it controls my stomach. I have delayed emptying of my stomach. I stay full all the time. I now take 2 teaspoons of a med called Reglan before meals and at bedtime. It finally seems to be working since my dosage has doubled and I’ve cut down to 5 small 250/300 cal meals per day. Still full, mind you. Just not so uncomfortable and not vomitting 2 hours after meals. The nausea is also fading. Thank goodness. Ahhh, diabetes… gotta love it!

Hi every one,
when i’m sleeping,i get alot of hypo.
so,when i’m getting a hypo,i feel that my arms and my feet are numb
and that’s why i woke up and going te eat some sweets.
but i’m scared about that because it’s happening every day.

Can any one give me suggestions that might help me to stop this problem??