Decided cardiologist is an idiot

Ok so a week after my cardiologist took me off of one of the medications, my regular doctor put me back on it and upped it as I was still having heart issues. All was well for a few weeks, over the weekend my heart started racing again so on Mon after i started to get short of breathe, I called Dr. A and let them know. He took me from 100 mgs of Toprol XL a day to 200 mgs. Toprol is a 24 hour acting beta blocker so even 50 mgs is a hefty dose. All was well Mon and my heart rate dropped. He wanted me to keep it at 200 until I could see him Wed. For those of you who don’t know beta blockers are known to cause asthmatic problems, but as I had been on the 50 mg dose for about 3 years we didn’t think I was going to have any problems as my body had adjusted to it. So come Tuesday night I was on phone and online laying in bed I just start to get crushing chest pain and shortness of breathe, it was only a few minutes after 5 so I knew Dr. A was still in his office even though his answering service was answering his phone. His nurse practitioner called me back and I usually will not deal with anyone but one certain nurse and Dr. A, but tonight I felt so bad I didn’t care. First thing she asked me was if I had asthma, I told her yes and she told me to start a breathing treatment and she would call me back in 15 minutes to check on me. Well she knew that I didn’t care to deal with anyone but Nurse S or Dr. A as I have had problems with nursing staff before. So she went to talk to Dr. A and called me back and he wanted me on a different breathing medication that would work faster ASAP even though it causes my heart to race. He thought I had enough beta blockers in me to counteract the heart racing and he felt that my heart was racing because I was struggling to get breathe. So they called me in the albuterol inhaler to Walmart. It took them over an hour to get a dang box off the shelf and slap a sticker on it, the whole time I am struggling to breathe and look like I am going to pass out and to make matters worse my blood sugar decides to start to bottom out on me. The cgms caught it when it was 85. So I guzzle oj while struggling to breathe. I go in in the morning to get my heart medication changed and to discuss this with my Dr. Was supposed to go see friends this weekend in NJ but decided I am safer not going. And it looks like I will be spending the weekend catching up on this past week’s homework due to the fact I have just felt like crap from the heart stuff and working on next week’s homework as well.
I also saw a dentist today, first time in over 5 years. I was nervous as there aren’t many health care professionals in my area used to dealing with any type of diabetic. But I chose good on the dentist, he actually has some friends on the pump and cgms. Before he started working on my teeth, he wanted to make sure my inhaler and glucagon kit was within reach had I had any problems as well as worked out hand signals with me in case I needed a break as I had 2 teeth that the fillings had come out on and he wasn’t sure how long the one would take as we didn’t know the extent of the decay. After he got the old filling out there was no decay underneath it so it was a simple fix. I have one more tooth that has to be fixed asap, but he didn’t want to push the issue to fix it today as he didn’t want to stress my body anymore so I am going in next week for that one to be fixed and then after that we are going to start cleaning my teeth and address the 2 surface cavities he also found. He said considering it has been so long in seeing a dentist and the diabetes that my teeth were in good shape. I also liked the fact he didn’t stack his patients and everyone of his patients gets a minimum of one hour booked in case the patient needs breaks while he is working. He is also a perfectionist when it comes to his work so you get top quality work. He has actually booked me 2 hours next week as we know the one tooth the decay is almost to the root and he doesn’t want to resort to a root canal as he doesn’t want to stress my body anymore than he has to.
My pharmacist who caters to diabetics has offered to hire me when I get my CDE as well. Even though I had some bad parts of my day I have also had some good parts.
I have also decided that most people don’t have any clue on how much diabetes affects so many parts of our bodies and on our lives so when I find a Dr. that gets that I have a tendency to stay with them. As most of us here also have realized they are few and far between.

Wow, sounds like a day full of highs and lows (I don’t mean blood sugar…)! I’m so glad that there are people in the world like your dentist and pharmacist! Makes dealing with the idiots a little easier :slight_smile:

US Air is also being great. Technically they do not have to refund me my plane ticket, but since it could be life threatening if I fly right now they are going out of their way to help me. As soon as they receive medical documentation they are going to refund my ticket for me. I seemed to have had good luck with US Air with my diabetes with them so I try to give them repeat business as much as possible as well as let the airline know how great they are to work with me.

Good! You should post a discussion about that so others see it too!! We should support companies that are understanding in times like this!!!