Saw my cardiologist for my 6 moth check up yesterday. He has decided that my blood pressure and blood sugar have stabilized enough that my heart might be able to handle things on its own again. He started by taking me off of the Toprol XL. He said if I start to have the racing heart or skipping beats I am to put myself back on it, but if all goes well then in 6 months he will take me off of the Cardizem LA as well. Then once I lose some more weight we will work on getting me off of the blood pressure meds. For once I got some good health news.
I am still waiting on the results of my pap smear which I should have sometime next week and then will know for sure what my gyno wants to do.

Judith thanks for letting me know about that. I will check into it and talk to my GP in Aug when I see him and see what he thinks and take the research into him.

Way to go! Good to get good news when you go to the doctor. Keep up the good work.

Great news, Cody.
Good luck on the gyno issue - good golly, aren’t we always waiting for test results of some kind…?

Sit and wait is what it always seems to be.

Nice news, Cody!
Fingers crossed that all other news is great!

Great News! I will keep you in my prayers…hope all goes well at the gyno