Def need to stock up on diet items

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LMBO!!:joy::rofl::rofl: that was funny.

This is gonna be tough because it is kinda in the nature of ‘diet’ foods that they don’t store well. But, I have learned during covid that cabbage keeps very well. You can make crockpot cabbage and apples. Or, cabbage stew. Cabbage is somewhat delicious.

All the old fashioned war ration favorites are not very ‘diet.’ It’s a problem.

Do you HAVE to stockpile? Could you use Instacart for deliveries of food?

P.S. I’m using my stockpiled NPH insulin from March right now because postal deliveries have come to a halt and pump supplies have been late. Plus, the post office is a covid nest right now.

Although I’m a big fan of diet cola, I haven’t bought Equal/Aspartame packets in decades now. When I have coffee at home just milk in it, no sweetener.

And since you mention Cabbage: Thrice-Boiled Cabbage was a famous from the Frederick Allen recommended meal plan for T1’s before the discovery of insulin:

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