Stock up on Insulin before the Coronavirus comes here

Captain Trips is of the leash now and gathering pace.

Scientists are very close to an antedote to coronavirus. I don’t think we need worry too much.

I’m not like everyone else now.

Got an extra problem, this insulin thing to worry about if I want to be one of the survivors.


M-O-O-N that spells Captain Trips.

what u need is a chill pill.


Are you the guy who posted about stocking up on insulin before the US vs Iran war? You should really calm down. Hope the 10 year break helps.

I am going to stock up on a pallet of Diet Coke and a pallet of PowerAde. Coke sources its sweeteners for these products from China and their China manufacturing facilities are operating way below capacity now due to a shortage of workers as a result of the coronavirus. There is a good possibility of a shortage of these products if their manufacturing can’t get back to normal production runs soon.

I am not worried about getting insulin.

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Domestic drug manufacturing is BACK! I’m getting on that train. CHOOO CHOOOO!