depression,diabetes...WOOHOO!!!this should be a great day!!

i hate having depression on top of my diabetes,
because of my depression,before i was diagnosed with it i tried to overdose on insulin and commit suicide:

We all share the same struggles, if that is any help to you. You are not alone. You always have friends who would miss not having you in their lives.

I have been looking for a perm job for a while. Temping here and there. My husband and I just started going to marriage couseling. One of my sisters just overdosed on heroine. Last Saturday it was difficult watching my father prepare to bury his 18 year old daughter. Yesterday I had a serious low sugar at home where I banged up my knee and had convulsions. I am feeling a bit confused. After I got out of the low sugar, I just started crying due to feelings like frustration of having to deal with this at all. I need to just get what needs to be done, done.


i beleive you are in Indiana? If so i can suggest a therapist that has helped me immensely in Kokomo. It is likely a little drive, but if you are close enough to make it over to K town, I am sure you will find some help. Let me know, and yes od remember you are not alone, I have been fighting it for years, and yes it is a terrible struggle, but like diabetes it can be managed.

rick phillips

The last three days I have had good BS, but I have been more depressed than ever. I even had some bad thoughts, but to top it off my mother gave me a mouthful yesterday twice about how terrible I am, two one hour sessions for free. Then my niece turned on me ranting and slamming doors. Then my daughter emailed me that she never wants to see me again. I haven’t did anything wrong, I think they all need to be on meds, but they all refuse psychiatric care, except my niece. Everytime I take my niece for care, two different behavioral health locations, they always refuse to see her, there is always some excuse.

Please don’t suffer that way! Do you see a therapist or take medication for your depression? I know it is a horrible thing to deal with but it can be managed. Medication and therapy doesn’t end the depression but are tools to help manage it. I now know when I am headed for a depression and how to get out of it when it hits. I hope you are getting help.

Hi honey, I wish I could hug you. You aren’t alone, though I am sure, positive in fact that you probably feel like it.
Are you taking meds for the depression? If you are how long have you been on them, maybe they aren’t the right ones for you. I can’t take prozac based AntiD’s. It’s a case of one day at a time, and if that’s too much an hour at a time. Is there a counsellor you can talk to, seriously talking helps. These two conditions have a habit of making us feel isolated, keep talking.

Love lou x x x

Shawna,I just come upon this Discussion. I noticed that there haven’t been comments for awhile. I am a T2D and receiving Rx for Depression.I"ve have experienced many symptoms of Depression however the severity has lessened over the past 8 yrs. I attribute this primarally to medication(Effexor). It has taken a few yrs for my Dr to find a medcation that really provided me with a measurable degree of symptom relief.Please do not give up even though you will be discouraged at times .Depression and Diabetes are alot to handle but we try our best. Don’t quit on either.Best to you and please take care. Pete

I know that I am late in date in replying, but I’ve been suffering from depression longer than diabetes. It shows its ugly colors many times for me and have been in a crisis house for 3 days a few years back. But with insulin, it can be more deadly leading to a coma state, I’ve been at that point also. But life is too precious to do things that serious. Take care and hope you will hold on and are feeling better now.